Gear.Club Unlimited races onto Switch later this year


Deep into its first year of life, the Nintendo Switch is still feeling out the market and trying to fill in all of the gaps of its library. There have been a lot of complaints about a lack of titles on the quirky console/handheld hybrid, but slowly they are falling into place. Now it looks like the Switch is getting its very first realistic racing sim, a la Forza, later this year with the upcoming Gear.Club Unlimited.

In a new trailer, the development team at Eden Games and Microïds gave a sneak peak at the roster of vehicles in the genuine realistic racing experience. We see 16 fully customizable cars that include big name models in Bugatti, Jaguar, Chevrolet, Dodge, and Mercedes AMG. The customization options shown in the trailer include new paint jobs and body kits for your racing machine. There’s also a glance at some genuine gameplay, as well as some of the scenic vistas players will be racing through.

Gear.Club Unlimited is a very important addition to the Switch library as it gives a viable competitor to the Microsoft and Sony racing sim exclusives in Forza and Gran Turismo, respectively. That being said, just from the trailer shown, Gear.Club Unlimited looks to be just a few steps behind the latest entries in the competing franchises. With racing simulators on the other platforms operating as a technical test of the graphical powerhouses that are the new HDR 4K systems, the Switch racing sim entry falls under that new graphics standard a noticeable amount. However, it goes without saying that the Switch and Gear.Club Unlimited holds portability as a major trump card over the Microsoft and Sony consoles.

Gear.Club Unlimited races into stores shelves on December 1st this year. You can follow the official facebook page of the game’s publisher here for updates as they become available.