Playdead’s chilling Inside/Limbo released as double pack


Playdead, along with publisher 505 Games, have officially announced the release of the INSIDE/LIMBO Double Pack for PS4 and Xbox One.

Who knew 2D puzzle-platformers could be so creepy? An indie developer out of Denmark answered this question when they released LIMBO in 2010. Playdead received numerous accolades for their success. They replicated their success with the follow-up title, INSIDE. Garnering just as much attention as its predecessor, INSIDE became just as popular among the growing fan base.

Inside/Limbo Main

Fans of the critically acclaimed platformers can now relive the mystery of each story in one sitting. This combo pack revisits the innovative art styles that made each game popular.

LIMBO focuses on a film noir, black-and-white aesthetic. This element adds to the horrific imagery throughout the game. Coupled with the minimalist gameplay, LIMBO reinvented the 2D platformer. After its release, the game won several awards including Best Platformer of 2010 and Top 10 Games of the Year.


On the other hand, INSIDE introduces a 2.5D environment for the player to explore. The environment here plays a pivotal role in whether the faceless protagonist will survive.  Chased by strangers and ravenous dogs, you use foreground and background elements to escape or avoid notice. Released in 2016, INSIDE was lauded with praise as well, earning two separate best indie games awards.

With Playdead’s release of the INSIDE/LIMBO Double Pack, it’s easy to compare the similarities in gameplay and story structure. Each experience plays as a young, faceless boy throughout. Use the environment to progress the story, avoid danger, and unravel the mystery. Furthermore, each game has a common theme of dark foreboding nature. After going through events in each game, what lies in the end is questionable at best.

The release is already available for North America and will roll-out to retailers in Europe September 14th. Along with the special edition double pack, fans will receive a limited edition run poster and art card. If you have yet to experience the dark worlds Playdead has created, here is your chance. Check out the trailer for the double packs release here: