REVIEW / Arizona Sunshine (PSVR)


For the past few months my PlayStation VR has collected dust sitting next to my PlayStation 4. I’m not sure if that’s because I don’t want to take the time to set everything up or if there just aren’t any PSVR games that I want to play. What I do know is that with all the buzz around Arizona Sunshine since it’s launch on the HTC Vive, I could not wait for the PSVR port of the game.



Arizona Sunshine is a zombie-thriller made for VR. While that genre may seem over used the past 10 or so years, Arizona Sunshine has something special that kept me intrigued the entire time. You play as a man (unnamed) who wakes up in an Arizona river valley that is littered with beer cans. From there your adventure begins as you explore your surroundings, kill zombies, and eventually find a radio that has a weak signal, allowing you to faintly hear another human’s voice.



The story as a whole exceeds anything I’ve played on my PSVR to date (although I’ve not yet played Resident Evil 7). From the moment you find the radio signal, it is filled with mystery and excitement as you track down the source. While short, the story was both exciting and intriguing. That’s not to mention the fact that the entire thing is playable in Co-op. Co-op is one my favorite ways to play games so this was a huge plus for the game. Being a zombie game, Arizona Sunshine has its fair share of jump-scares and creepy scenes which I very much both appreciated and hated.



Mechanically Arizona Sunshine plays just about as good as any VR game can play on the PlayStation 4. I found little to no problems at all when it came to tracking my motions. Also, I did not feel even slightly sick a single time, despite having played 4 hours straight one night. While aiming down the sights of a gun there are no problems for me.There are some people having problems with this, but it may be that they have not calibrated their systems properly. The weapons all feel very natural to use with the Move controllers. My favorite weapon in the game is easily the sniper rifle. Using both hands to hold the gun up and also looking through the scope felt so natural that hopefully there is a  sniper simulator come to PSVR in the near future.



Aside from being able to play the game cooperatively, the team over at Vertigo Games added a horde mode. This was one of the weaker points of the game. While the mechanics and weapons all play nicely, the maps for horde were very small and restricting. You and your team are essentially trapped in a small bunker while waves of zombies attack. This mode would benefit greatly by adding larger maps.



Overall Arizona Sunshine is a great buy for anyone looking to play a good story on their PSVR. Hell, if you also have a friend with a headset I’d strongly recommend you both pick this up. Horde maps aside, Arizona Sunshine may be one of the better games available for the PlayStation VR.




This review is based on a retail copy of the game provided by the publisher.