Arrow Heads sets its sights on Steam


As we all know multiplayer games can be an awful lot of fun. They can also be some of the most rage inducing creations out there. What better way to lose your temper than one bad dice roll in a certain game involving a certain plumber that we all know well? Regardless of all the frustration these games can bring us something always pulls us back. The simple fact is that regardless of what irks us about a multi-player title fun always wins out. In this particular case a wee spell of archery is in order in a brand new addition to the competitive genre called Arrow Heads.

Arrow Heads is a creation of Canadian Oddbird Studios. It’s Avian themed, (kinda fitting for the studio really,) and invites you to sling a variety arrows and other objects at up to four of your friends in a frantic, isometric,  game of archery.

“We’ve been looking forward to this day since we first started development of Arrow Heads as game design students,” said Benjamin Scott, Co-Founder of Oddbird. “We’re thrilled that Arrow Heads is now available on Steam and that everyone has a chance to experience the game’s silliness and crazy chaotic moments. We hope that people will have as much fun playing the game with their family and friends as we did working on it.

Whether you’re trying to turn online players into feathered pin-cushions or going up against waves of enemies with a mate on the couch you will be handed an unlimited number of arrows and dropped into a series of unpredictable and dangerous environments. There’s a bunch of unlockable content and hundreds of customisable options to ensure your bouts behind the bow don’t get stale. Bored with arrows? Not to worry. Why not shoot some fish or … weaponised unicorns? (yes is just typed that, no it’s not an error.) Whatever your choice of arsenal there’s plenty there to keep you coming back for more.

Arrow Heads is definitely making an impact in more ways than one. The game has already received some pretty awesome recognition by winning Best Overall Game and Artistic Achievement at the 2016 Level Up Showcase. In addition to this, Arrow Heads also won the 2016 ESAC Student Game Competition and was semi-finalist in the 2016 Adobe Design Achievement Awards.

If this title sound like it might be right up your street you can find it now over on Steam at a cost of $14.99. For console fans reading this, you can expect to be able to grab your own copy next year when this title will be released for PS4 and Xbox One.