Five games that could benefit from a Battle Royale mode


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is in every single way a success. It has taken the top spot for concurrent Steam players and also sold over 10 million copies, is not even a complete game, and has yet to hit consoles like it is supposed to do later this year on Xbox. It is really hard to be a part of the gaming community and not hear about this game.

With all of this being said, the game only has one mode. It is a Battle Royale game. A bunch of people are put into a world where they have to fight each other with only one life. As the match extends a ring starts to creep in that anyone on the outside of will take damage from and die. Last person standing wins. PUBG is not the first game to do this. Even before the game exploded on the scene we’ve had games like The Culling, H1Z1: King of the Kill, and even Minecraft run this kind of game mode. Going forward, we are almost certainly going to continue to see other games adopt modes like this like Grand Theft Auto Online and Fortnite have recently done. The following are games (some that I think could work, and others that are just pipe dreams) that I think could run a Battle Royale game mode and make it fun.

Before I begin, I just want to direct you towards Gameinformer’s post here that got me thinking about this topic. You can check it out here.

Assassin’s Creed

This one I am stealing from the GI post because I think it would be a perfect fit. Assassin’s Creed has not used a multiplayer mode in years now. The reason being that while fun for maybe a match or two, it was not exactly an enjoyable experience you would write home about. Imagine with me here real quick. You have your own assassin, custom made to how you want to look. You and other players are spawned into a city filled with citizens. You can climb anywhere and use your unlocked Assassin equipment and abilities to not only survive, but eliminate the competition. And what about the ring that slowly brings everyone together in the end? That can be the Animus experiencing a glitch for everyone who would want it to match up with the lore.

The Division

Oh, The Division, how I thought you would hold my interest longer than you did. The Dark Zone, while an interesting idea, really fell flat and was a boring experience overall. Having each person’s gear level play into the game would definitely affect how fair of an experience this could be, but putting everyone in the Dead Zone could make this a more intense experience and I would think, more fun in general. The surrounding area is contaminated with the virus, and if it makes contact with your skin, you’re dead. The reward for surviving? The gear of your enemies.

Battlefield/Star Wars Battlefront

EA could easily make a Battle Royale mode work in either of their big FPS’s. Pretty much any Battlefield or Battlefront map would work. Put a red ring around the map and if you are on the outside you get hit with rockets, lasers, or a funnier idea here, just randomly explode. The vehicles in Battlefield would also allow for small team ups to take down others until you eventually are forced to turn on each other. Playing as Darth Vader and completely wiping the area clear would be a fun experience.


This one would be really fun in my opinion. The vehicles and weapons used throughout the entirety of Halo would work perfect in a Battle Royale mode. Have them randomly laid out across a big map and see who the mightiest Spartan is. Add in other quirks from the Halo franchise (teleporters, grav lifts, maybe some AI enemies like the Flood or Covenant) and it would be a fast moving, non-stop action experience.


This last one here by no means will or should ever happen. The way I have been thinking about this is you choose whichever of the billion Pokemon you want. You cannot choose an evolved Pokemon though. It has to be a low level, unevolved monster. As you defeat the other players you level up and unlock new abilities and evolve to your stronger forms. You have to pick your battles though because the trait differences play in here. A fire Pokemon would have to be careful with a water Pokemon in the area.