AER – Memories of Old finds its way to console, Mac, PC and Linux


Nothing beats a good adventure. Done well, big expansive, exploratory games can suck you in better than literally anything else. We’ve explored virtually every environment you can think of over the years and loved every minute of our time doing it. One thing I can’t think of too many titles focusing on properly, however, is the sky. Not space, we’ve done that loads of times, no, I’m talking about that big cloudy blue thing above us. Daedalic and Forgotten Key have obviously been thinking the same thing as they are planning on remedying this with AER – Memories of Old.

AER – Memories of Old is an adventure game that has been released for PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mac and Linux and I have to say it all sounds rather interesting. You take the role of Auk, a girl who has the ability to transform between human and bird form at will. You will take to the skies and explore a fantastic, expansive, world of floating clouds and mysterious shrines. Take wing and effortlessly soar among a sea of fully explorable islands to visit nomads, meet spirit animals and uncover the ruins of an ancient, lost civilization. Players can easily slip between the worlds of land and air to experience the true freedom of flight and the vast beauty of an awe-inspiring landscape.

As the story goes … long ago a great calamity shattered the world leaving only drifting fragments of the floating islands behind. Auk must journey to learn more about the world that preceded her own as well as its downfall in order to prevent another catastrophe.

With a distinctive low-poly art style, AER is designed to be both beautiful and mysterious. This title also has a very open, non-linear feel as players are able to explore the world at will, taking objectives and completing quests as they go to uncover more of the enigma at the heart of the game. This will involve a certain amount of puzzle solving as in human form you venture deep into mysterious and cryptic temples, unlocking the secrets they hold within.

This is a game that I’m absolutely going to play. I love a good explore and this is a quest that I’m more than up to taking. If you fancy joining me in this wondrous sounding world you’ll be able to find AER – Memories of Old in your respective stores at a price of £13.49. I have Come Fly with Me stuck in my head now. I’m going to go elsewhere and sing it out before I embarrass myself.