Zombie netiquette


Alright guys, with the recent release of the new Call of Duty, we’re getting a new zombie experience. Some differences to watch out for is the addition of the class systems and the change from Juggernog perk into an armor system. I think it’s time to go over some basic manners and good habits to have while playing. This generally applies to any Zombie game mode, so pay attention.


  1. Communication and Preparation

Communication is key. Whether you’re going for the Easter eggs or if you’re just trying to go for record-breaking, talking is important. If you don’t have a mic or don’t like using one, then send them a message letting them know what your goals are before the game loads. Don’t forget to prepare. These games can go on for hours sometimes, so go to the bathroom and eat before you start.


  1. Sharing is Caring

This one should be followed even outside of gaming. Didn’t you learn this as a kid? The person with the most money should be the one to open most doors. Each person should hit the mystery box once. Because most of the time by the time the team reaches the mystery box, usually you’re almost out or completely out of ammo. If you want to take it a step farther, the person with the least money should hit it first.


  1. Sportsmanship

Again, this one should be common courtesy. If you go down, don’t just quit because someone couldn’t revive you. That’s just bad conduct. The problem with quitting is not only is the team left a man short if the person that quit was the host, 9/10 the game will shut down causing the game to end.  So do us all a favor, have patience.


  1. Keep to your Spot

Keep to your window in the spawn room. Don’t run to someone else’s window and steal their kills. If you’re a zombie player that likes to ‘train’ zombies, meaning you run in a path that keeps them behind you, don’t cross someone’s train. I’ve had plenty of games end due to train collisions. Meaning 2 guys with 15-20 zombie trains crossing paths and it becomes a 30-40 zombie mob that overtakes the players. Also, don’t steal other player’s trains. Now, in reverse of this, if your team decides to stick to one area and run a path, don’t switch directions until most of the zombies are dead.


  1. Max Reloads(and other power ups)

When it comes to power ups, check to make sure your team is ready for an Instakill since they may be going for high points(by shooting legs twice then killing the zombie, will net about 20 more points). This is crucial, especially on low rounds where zombies are weak anyway, thus making Instakill unnecessary. Max Reloads – please before picking one up- give your team a heads up because reloading before Max Reloads gives you a few extra bullets. Those 5 extra rounds may be life or death. In regards to Firesales, if time allows, have everyone go to their own mystery box. Otherwise, standard mystery box rules apply.


  1. Be Courteous

If you’re an expert and you’re playing with a first timer, slow down. Show them the ropes. Help them. Follow these rules as an expert or a novice and everyone will have a happier, better game.


No matter your play style, enjoy it. Work together and communicate. You guys are the world’s last hope against the zombie onslaught. Don’t think you can do it alone. You’re in this together.