PlayStation 4’s dominance in the console market cannot be stopped


It seems that I was not the only one over the weekend to purchase a PS4. According to PlayStation Network’s Eric Lempel, more consoles were sold this Black Friday than ever before in the 22-year history of PlayStation as a brand. You can read GameSpot’s article on it HERE.

Considering just how many PS4’s were already in the wild, this is no small feat. In June of this year, Business Insider reported that the PS4 had sold over 60 million units. For comparison, the Xbox One is expected to be around 30 million. You can check out the Business Insider article HERE.

As a guy who just got his first PS4 this past weekend, and up until now has largely been playing Xbox, let’s just face it, the Playstation 4 has just purely dominated Microsoft’s console since day one. The recently released Xbox One X is an impressive machine and deserves every bit of praise it gets, but when it comes to price, popularity, and games, the PS4 is still going to dominate for years to come.  In the five years since they both released, the PS4 has had a significant advantage when it comes to exclusive games, leading to the big difference in popularity.

Let’s look at some of those exclusives.

Xbox One exclusives: Forza, Halo, Gears of War, and Cuphead. I reviewed Cuphead earlier this year (you can see that HERE) and thought it was a great game, but I cannot be the only one thinking that Microsoft’s over-reliance on Forza, Halo, and Gears is severely holding them back. Forza looks amazing every single year it comes out, but outside of the die-hard racing community, who buys the games every year? Who knows if Halo will ever be able to reach its glory days again, and Gears 4 is about as innovative as Gears 1 was over a decade ago.

Upcoming: It’s not all doom and gloom as there are quality games on the way in State of Decay 2, Sea of Thieves, and PUBG coming to the Xbox One next month. I have enough faith in Phil Spencer that he is going to turn around the company’s shortcomings and the Xbox One X is the kind of hardware to open eyes, they just need the games for it to show off that power.


PlayStation 4 exclusives: The Last of Us, Infamous, MLB the Show, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Until Dawn, and Bloodborne. The Last of Us was game of the year just four years ago and Horizon has a chance at winning that honor this year. Infamous: Second Son was a big buy after the consoles release, Bloodborne is popular, and MLB the Show is by far the best baseball game on the market. Oh yeah, there’s also a Bandicoot named Crash who seems to be making a comeback from the 90’s.  There are numerous games I haven’t mentioned here as well.

Upcoming: In the coming years we can expect to see The Last of Us Part 2, Days Gone, Death Stranding, Detroit: Become Human, Spiderman, and the amazing looking God of War. Not only are the games that are already out good, but the future looks exceptionally bright as well.


You might be wondering, “What about the Nintendo Switch?”. I really cannot consider the Switch a main console. I would honestly put it on a different tier than the Xbone and PS4. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Switch and have enjoyed every second with it, but it is much better as a secondary console to compliment its stronger, more established brothers. It is an amazing console and will do great things for Nintendo, but lets count it in a different market.

Personally, I still love my Xbox One. It is a really good console and I have put enough time into it and made great friends along the way. There will most definitely be many more hours that I put into the console, but I would be lying if I said the allure of the amazing single player games on the PlayStation 4 and the appeal of the Switch didn’t make me more hesitant. Having three great consoles on the market is such a good problem for all of us to have that it is leading to some hard decisions about where to put our time and money.