Oh Nomes! – The Hideaway, the second DLC of Little Nightmares, is released


The second of three DLCs in the “Secrets of The Maw” expansion has been released, called “The Hideaway”. Rather than jump scares, it relies on a heavy sense of dread. This made it into an ultimately creepier game. If you are as excited as the rest of us Little Nightmares fans, then keep on reading!

Little Nightmares is developed by Tarsier Studios and was released at April just this year. When the trailers went live, it hyped up all horror and puzzle-platformer gamers. But when the main game hit the shelves, no one expected how groundbreaking it turned out to be. As one of the most disturbing game of the year, players help the main character Six through the unforgiving, murky world of The Maw. With no dialogue whatsoever, it still captured the hearts and attention of many. The story is revealed in the details, and it’s up to the players to put together Six’s story, as well as the inhabitants of The Maw.

What are the Secrets of The Maw?

Secrets of The Maw includes exactly what it’s entitled. Within three DLC’s over the next several months, the players will know more about The Maw and its inhabitants. It stars a new character called the Runaway Kid and his journey through the dreadful place. I think what made this even more intriguing is the fact that his story correlates alongside Six’s. So we feel little chills when a familiar scene presents itself during the DLCs. The Hideaway trailer shows the Kid working alongside Nomes to literally power the dreaded Maw. Knowing Little Nightmares’ reputation for keeping certain contexts in the dark for the players to realise themselves, I am eagerly anticipating this next DLC. We also see glimpses of the Janitor, which players will recognise as the first monster we encounter in the main campaign.


Little Nightmares DLC - Runaway Kid


More on The Hideaway

Judging from the trailers that have been released, The Hideaway doesn’t seem to be introducing more monsters. I was very much looking forward to the idea of each DLC presenting new antagonists. However, The Hideaway seem to be more focused on the Maw itself, and how it came to be the colossus that it is. So it only makes sense that it highlights the Nomes; it seems to be these cute little creatures that power The Maw – which literally means “mouth of a greedy being”. The Hideaway will test your teamwork skills as you uncover the secrets on the lives of the Nomes.

The previous DLC entitled “The Depths” was released back in the summer of this year. It introduced us to the Kid himself and a monster which we never saw in the main campaign, the Granny. This DLC established who the Kid is, and furthermore, what unspeakable horrors are lurking in various dark corners of the Maw. Therefore, The Hideaway is placed in an anticipated light, that it will deliver as bigger chills as it did for the last DLC.

The third and final DLC will be released in February next year. This will ultimately decide the Kid’s fate. The players will also be able to find where they stand in comprehension of the Secrets of The Maw.


Little Nightmares - The Hideaway


Like the main campaign, your objective in these DLCs as a whole is to escape the floating vessel that is the Maw. Six’s journey took her upwards to discover what it is used for. While the Kid spirals downwards to uncover how the Maw works. There’s only one DLC left to wait on, and we look forward to seeing where luck will deliver the Kid this time around.

Nowhere pleasant is my guess.