Antigraviator: Futuristic racer with no speed limits


AntiGraviator is an upcoming racing simulation from developer Cybernetic Walrus and Publisher Iceberg Interactive. Cybernetic Walrus was founded by four alumni from Howest University. Their familiarity with the Unity engine has garnered them much praise.

AntiGraviator is a futuristic anti-gravity racer, in the same vein of games such as the Wipeout series, and it seeks to push the limits of the Unity engine. The game is set in the year 2210 and the racers are competing in the appropriately named AntiGraviator Tournament. The races will take place across four worlds with each world boasting 3 unique tracks.

During races, players can attempt to thwart their opponents with a variety of methods. They can activate hover mines, cause damage to the environment in order to induce a landslide, cause tunnels to collapse and fire missile launchers, along with other methods.

There will be competitive multiplayer modes, both split screen and online. There will also be a worldwide leaderboard in which players can compete for rank and earn unique skins by doing so.

The Gravs, which are the racing vehicles, are customizable in  a variety of ways. However, players are advised to strategically plan their upgrades as one upgrade may compromise another.

Iceberg Interactive is currently looking to release AntiGraviator sometime during the second quarter of 2018 for PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.