A Way Out offering co-op for free in a fresh new way


In a time where co-op experiences are falling by the wayside, it is rare to find a game that bucks trends and instead requires you to play with a partner at all times. However, in Hazelight’s latest prison break experience, A Way Out, that is just the case. As stated by Hazelight writer/director, Josef Fares, “[A Way Out’s] story is a genre-transcending narrative that’s meant to be played with someone you know”.

A Way Out

As many gamers know, it can be tough to find a gaming buddy to meet up with, which makes online gaming a godsend. However, online gaming comes with a whole other issue; you need 2 copies of the game! For Hazelight, the studio that crafted the critical darling Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons, the co-op experience is so integral to their vision that they are doing something that has rarely been seen. The studio is offering a friend’s pass free trial to all buyers of A Way Out in order to ensure that you can always link up with a friend. From the mouth a Fares, the friend pass works as such:

”We developed the game to be experienced with a friend on the couch, but since that isn’t possible for everyone, those who download the friend’s pass free-trial will be able to play the entire game online with a friend who owns the full game and still get an awesome experience.”

Hazelight is literally giving this game away for free! That’s almost unheard of, especially in a day and age where it seems so many companies are nickel and diming us with a variety of loot boxes or microtransactions. I salute you, the good developers at Hazelight, for having a genuine vision and the dedication to stick to your guns and do everything in your power to deliver on that vision.

If you’re still unsure of A Way Out, you can read our coverage of the game’s reveal here.

A Way Out is making its way to the Xbox One, the PlayStation 4, and PC via Origin worldwide on March 23, 2018 as a digital download.