SOUL CALIBUR VI is announced


I’ve got an interesting bit of news here for those of you that love the souls series. No, not the one with the scary monsters and seemingly unlimited, gory, ways to die. The other one. I’m actually quite excited to be able to tell you that SOUL CALIBUR VI has just been announced.

Scheduled for an Xbox One, PS4 and PC release next year, SOUL CALIBUR VI will be following the 20th anniversary of the franchise. With this in mind, the weapons based fighting game that many of us know and love will be returning to its roots while offering us some brand new gameplay features.

Speaking of new … this iteration of the SOUL CALIBUR series has been built with the Unreal 4 engine. This being said, we can hope to experience some pretty stunning graphics as we journey through a series of signature 16th century stages.

So, what else is new? Well, in SOUL CALIBUR VI you’ll be able to experience a new feature called Reversal Edge. This allows players to take balance between attack and defense. Once activated, players can negate an opponent’s attack and counter it with a powerful strike of their own which will be highlighted through a gorgeous cinematic.

We all have our favorites character wise and there will be no exception to that rule here. We can expect the return of all of the past cast members that veterans will know and love. As would equally be expected there will also be a few new additions being made to the roster as well.

For those of you who’ve never really gone for brawlers, were too young to play this series, or have been sitting in a cave for the past 20 years, Soul Calibur is basically a story about two legendary swords. As with every story involving the battle between light and dark ever, this is also a tale of good and evil. The Soul Calibur is a good sword that will strengthen its virtuous wielder. The Soul Edge, on the other hand, is not nice, or virtuous in the least. This is a story about these swords and the motivations of the cast of warriors who want them, want to destroy them, or want other particular individuals not to have them.

This is a series very close to my heart. In fact, this was the first fighting franchise I got really good at. There’s something really satisfying about stringing weapon combinations together that I didn’t get from pulling combos in games like Street Fighter, Mortal Combat or Killer Instinct (some of you might need to look that last one up); this was a game I genuinely wanted to get good at. Personally, I could have done without the addition of a certain green Jedi, and all of the other weird extraneous characters that were just pointless fan service, but I think I can let that slip.  Let’s see what 2018 brings to a very playable series of games.