One Piece goes VR


Those of you who like pirates or anime … or pirates in anime will more than likely have heard of ONE PIECE. Many fans will definitely be at least acquainted with the videogames and some of you will be old hands with the titles released thus far. What you won’t be experts at is ONE PIECE: Grand Cruise for PSVR and the simple reason for this is that it hasn’t been released yet. Intrigued? Thought you might be. Read on.

Next year you will be invited to become a member of the legendary Straw Hat pirates in ONE PIECE: Grand Cruise. Step aboard the famous Thousand Sunny ship and meet Luffy, Zero, Nami and the rest of the gang. You’ll adventure with the crew and face fierce battles. Your aim will need to be good because you’ll be manning the cannons in order to defend the ship. You’ll be able to explore Thousand Sunny, chat to members of the crew and truly experience life as one of the Straw Hat pirates.

To add a wee bit more flavour to your VR experience, ONE PIECE: Grand Cruise is also expected to include both winter and summer experiences from the One Piece Tower in Tokyo. If you happen to really want to meet all of your favourite ONE PIECE characters in the most intimate setting available yet, you’ll be needing your PSVR, as this is going to be an exclusive for owners of the system.

Looking forward to this? Well, let’s wet the old whistle with a bit of a launch trailer, shall we? Don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll have more info for you lot wanting to get your pirate on in the coming months, but for now that’s about it. Till 2018, then.