TVGB ViveStream gets SUPERHOT this Wednesday


Apologies for the late notice, what with the holidays and everything, but the TVGB ViveStream is still on schedule. This time around we’ll be playing the time-bending puzzle-shooter SUPERHOT VR. Prepare for lots of death, once again, because I apparently never learn. What better way to ring in the new year than by shooting at red glass-people frozen in time? You can join in the fun here or at, tomorrow at 7:00 PM Central.

Meanwhile, a few of the older episodes have finally been posted on our YouTube channel. There’s also a brand new video of me tackling the final regular stage inĀ I Expect You To Die, as I was unable to record the original stream. Keep an eye on the channel for recordings of future streams, and let us know what other video content you’d like to see!