Heart and Slash arrives on Switch


I happen to have an interesting bit of news for Switch-owning brawler and roguelike fans out there. Heart & Slash, a release by aheartfulofgames, has just appeared on your Nintendo console. Interested? Well you probably should be, as this title has already done pretty damn well with its PS4, Xbox One and PC releases.

Heart & Slash places you in the shoes of Heart a robot struggling to function properly and having difficulty maintaining its identity against standardization henchmen. On your journey you will meet Slash, a veteran of the dystopian world in which you both live. Part of your goal will be to get Slash’s attention but how you go about doing this will be entirely up to you. Every challenge you face will grant you different opportunities to impress your companion, defining your relationship and in turn determining how your story ends. You may choose to keep your independence or renounce it in turn for being loved. If you get the balance right you may even be able to find a happy medium and garner a bit of both.

This title is set across 71 different missions, allows you to wield 135 pieces of equipment and face down 93 individual types of enemy. Alongside your weaponry your inventory of gear will also contain different body parts that will alter the way you play. Six different playable characters will help to keep things fresh and interesting and as this is a roguelike you will find maps, items and monsters being randomly generated so there should be plenty of scope for replayability.

Parallel to the Nintendo Switch version of the game, the Steam version of Heart & Slash has been updated including its Kickstarter final stretch goal: Endless Dungeon mode. This version of the game is currently exclusive to the PC release and features international combo and score rankings. This mode also allows you to play as Slash. The longer you survive the harder you will find the foes you face becoming. To be good at this you’re going to have to adapt and learn and quickly. If this is wetting your taste buds and you happen to have a copy of the game on the PS4 or Xbox One, or you’re about to grab it on Switch, Endless Dungeon will be appearing via an update patch on your console at some point in the future.

This title actually looks really interesting and as a lover of the roguelike genre I’ll definitely be giving it a try. The rest of you can find the game in your respective stores and for you PC gamers that’s going to be coming with the extra mode I’ve mentioned. If you happen to get there before I do why not drop me a message in the comments and let me know what you think? If not, I shall try and get back to you lovely lot with a bit of a run-down in the future.