NBA Playgrounds relaunches on Nintendo Switch


NBA Battlegrounds, ahem, I mean Playgrounds, has gotten an enhanced version with a new online mode and smaller storage size for the Nintendo Switch. A game that most of you probably have not touched in awhile is getting content that should have been with it months ago. Better late than never?

When NBA Playgrounds first released in May 2017, Switch owners were told that an online version would be coming. They only had to wait about seven-eight months, but they finally got it. If the wait was worth it can be completely up to you. The game’s update/patch/replacement/whatever you want to call it will minimize the game’s original storage size by two gigs. All post launch content that has been on the other platforms has made its way to Switch as well, including 100 hundred new classic and modern characters, new jerseys, an improved rebounding system, and more.

Saber Interactive, the developer of the NBA Jam/Street blended game, has said that all Switch owners will receive the upcoming Shaq-Fu: A Legend Reborn for free. Because we all know that is what the people want.

Personally, I probably have not touched the game since May. When it was first announced I was excited to see how much the game could capture that NBA Street magic that got me when I was younger. The game was not bad by any means when I played it, but it could not keep my attention for as long as I had hoped.

Original article from Gamespot HERE.