News from The Messenger


What can possibly be better than a really good platformer? A really good platformer with ninjas, of course! This is exactly what we can expect a little bit later this year from the guys and gals over at Sabotage Studio as they bring us The Messenger.

The Messenger, which combines both 8 and 16 bit visual styles, is a Metroidvania type game with art and music reminiscent of certain NES and Super Nintendo classics. This title sees you playing as a young ninja on a quest to avenge your clan by any means necessary. As you set out to protect your village, in possession of a magical scroll that can save your clan from extinction and face up to the monsters besieging your home, you will begin to unweave the strands of a somewhat interesting time-travelling tale.

This game is a true homage to the NES and SNES with all the crazy antics, chip-tune music and mad-cap characters we came to expect from that era. What makes this game interesting is that as part of your journey, The Messenger will evolve into a 16 bit Metroidvania style game. This means that we’re time travelling in-game but also in a more real sense, which is actually really clever.

The Messenger is Sabotage’s first game and a love letter to the beloved retro-console games from the late 80s and early 90s,” said Martin Brouard, Co-Founder of Sabotage Studio. “The early feedback we received at the Montreal Independent Games Festival and the Montreal International Game Summit has been overwhelmingly positive. Now we can’t wait for the rest of the world to experience The Messenger later this year!

I’ve wanted to make a game like The Messenger since I was eight years old,” said Thierry Boulanger Co-Founder of Sabotage Studio. “Together at Sabotage we set out to make the kind of game that inspired us to get into the industry in the first place, with an over the top story, arcade-style challenges and visually striking pixel art. The Messenger is that game, and we’re thrilled to finally announce and share it with a like-minded audience that loves new games inspired by generations of classic video game greatness.

On top of the stunning art, classic platforming and retro graphics that I’ve mentioned, The Messenger should also have a lot of replayability. You can play multiple times with all the upgrades you’ve earned from previous runs to discover hidden levels and new story arcs.

It’s nice that retro doesn’t always have to have its feet firmly planted in the eight-bit era. It’s good to see a studio doing something a little bit different with a classic theme that’s becoming somewhat of a staple. If the balance between two generations of gaming is balanced correctly this could be a title well worth playing. PC and console gamers will have a little bit of a wait to see if it all works but it’s certainly something to bare in mind as 2018 rolls on.