Aperion Cyberstorm joins Switch, Wii U, and PC libraries this February


There seem to be a lot of twin-stick shooters on the market at the moment. It always fascinates me to see trends in gaming. The issue you have with an upswing in any genre is that there will always be people out there who are just looking to jump on the band wagon for the money. I have a personal, severe dislike of clones. It’s all well and good taking a format and expanding on it but copying something and altering a few names is not game development, it’s (in my personal opinion) cheating. This being said I’m pretty pleased to announce a title that seems to be doing something a little different with a great genre, specifically a game called Aperion Cyberstorm.

Aperion Cyberstorm which is about to hit the Nintendo Switch, Wii U and PC via Steam is a twin-stick bullet-hell that has been quite some years in the making. Development was begun back in 2013 by British indie crew aPrioriDigital, this is clearly a case of good things coming to those who wait. It’s nice when a game can be genuinely called finished on release, a term a few other companies would do well to learn.

So what is it then? Well as I’ve mentioned already it’s a slick, twin-stick shooter with all the bells and whistles. This is also a cooperative affair and will see groups of up to five gamers at a time flying through hundreds of maps across three game modes. You will find yourself matching dynamic abilities with elemental effects to create a virtually endless variety of explosive combinations. Don’t particularly want to spend your time blowing your mates to bits in Versus mode? Something that you can do across a total of 32 maps (sixteen with another sixteen unclockable.) That’s fine. You’ll be able to uncover a conspiracy in the game’s story campaign or for a change of pace survive waves of enemies across sixteen maps in Onslaught mode.

Johnathan Price, co-founder and designer said, “Prototyping for Aperion Cyberstorm began development in October 2013 as a cooperating space shooter made with the XNA framework and in mid-2014 we decided to move the game from XNA to Unity. This then gave us the ability to bring the game to Nintendo Wii U. During the lifetime of the project, we have revised the release date more times than we would like. The reason for doing so is that we understand that the game may not make back its development costs, which is a reality that a lot of studios face, but we wanted to make a game we could be proud of and that can be played years from now by a variety of people of different abilities.

Jack David, co-founder and artist added “At aPriori we find joy in making games and we are delighted to finally be able to bring Aperion Cyberstorm to market this year. The development process has really been a case of life imitating art – as a studio we’ve enjoyed the ride and we hope gamers will enjoy their virtual ride when they get their hands on the code in February.

Aperion Cyberstorm will see launch on Switch, Wii U and Steam on February 8th. For those of you interested, the game is also billed for an Xbox One launch later this year. Twin-stick shooter fans out there might want to give those thumbs a bit of a workout, you’ve got two weeks before something a bit new is going to be out there ready to test them.