Nintendo Switch Online coming in 2018


Remember when Nintendo announced that they were going to start charging people to play their games online? Well, they are finally going to be holding up that promise later this year.

Nintendo’s social media pages announced that Nintendo Switch Online will be launching in September, 2018.

Anyone who has a Switch might know that you are able to play games online now, but when compared to Xbox Live and Playstation Network, the online experience is pretty lacking.

Voice chat is only possible through an app on your smart phone, and although I have never tried using it myself, I can tell you from word of mouth that it is probably not worth your storage/data. The stability of games online hold up pretty well in my opinion when playing games like Mario Kart, Splatoon 2, and Rocket League, but is there really enough there to warrant charging the customer?

Supposedly, the online service will cost $3.99 a month or $19.99 for a year subscription. When compared to the other two console online services this is drastically cheaper and I think this is key to Nintendo receiving any subscribers at all. There is simply not enough to keep people coming back to play online day after day, which of course could change with time as more games are brought out, but even if we were to receive a game like a new Super Smash Bros., would you pay to play it online? Because at this moment I am not convinced that I would.

With PSN and Xbox Live, subscribers are given the chance to download games for free, and supposedly Nintendo will be bringing that feature to the Switch. The downside though, is that while you get to keep those games, Nintendo will only be allowing you to keep it for that one month. I get that Nintendo’s past library really could make that cool to play the games for free, but do you want to be put on a time limit for their games? What if down the road I want to play it again? Do I at least get a discount?

We also have yet to hear about Virtual Console. Is that ditched now for this service? We just have a lot more questions than answers at this moment.

I know this post may sound very pessimistic, but Nintendo’s past with anything online has left a lot to be desired. I am a huge Nintendo fan and I hope I am impressed as more details come out about the new service, but at the moment I am staying on the weary side with Nintendo Switch Online.