INSIDIA is soon to be unleashed on Steam


I’ve noticed that I’ve been talking a lot about trends lately. Early access is still spewing out unfinished games and expecting us to pay for them, there’s another brand new set of pay to win clones out there (probably,) and we’re seeing certain genres getting a lot more new releases than others. One of these genres is the strategy genre. Everything seems to be “turn based this,” or “real time that,” at the moment. This is absolutely fine as long as what we’re playing is actually playable … and doesn’t smell faintly of another one we played five minutes ago … man, I really hate clones. One game that seems to be attempting to do something a bit different and stand out in its own right is INSIDIA, an upcoming release by Italian development crew Bad Seed. The fact that it isn’t mimicking everything else on the market is the main reason why I’d like to bring you a bit of news about this title today.

INSIDIA is a turn based strategy game that invites you to take control of a band of four heroes and battle friend and foe alike in fast paced online matches. These teams are assembled from a roster of Steam Knights, Punks, Mutants and other survivors of the post-apocalyptic fantasy world in which the game is set. Okay, so nothing necessarily new here. What makes this game worth watching? Well, both players take their turns simultaneously thanks to Insidia‘s unique combo system. This in turn not only offers a good level of tactical depth but also means you’ll find yourself thinking on the fly.

Something that is really interesting to note is that this game is being received so well by the competitive community that it’s already being penned as a new esport. It’s been selected to be the first indie game of its kind to be released on FACEIT, the leading platform for online competitions. INSIDIA is joining gargantuan games such as DOTA 2 and Overwatch on a site boasting nearly 10 million members. For any indie title this is a serious accolade to be getting straight out of the gate.

So a few of the game’s features include the combo system I’ve already mentioned. Players are given a 20 second window to declare their actions and issue an order to one of their champions. Once this has been done the fight unfolds during a resolution phase where both players are notified of the outcome. INSIDIA also sees the use of both passive and automatic abilities in addition to player-driven choices. This means that the champions you don’t choose in your turn don’t just sit there like pretty ornaments; they’re smart enough to get involved and act of their own accord. This means that your entire squad will always be fully engaged in combat. Following on from this, if you’re smart you’ll be able to weave the team’s passive abilities in with your own choices. This means that your whole team will be acting as a … well … team and delivering some pretty devastating combos. This is another curve for those tacticians among you and all adds to the fun.

Something that makes this interesting is that this isn’t just an all out death match; the levels have their own objectives. I don’t necessarily want to start throwing the word MOBA about but each level will see you capturing critical objectives to allow you to destroy your opponent’s defense and lay waste to their base. This game isn’t a MOBA as such but those of you who love that genre will certainly feel right at home. Levels also have secondary objectives and if champions are brave (and smart) enough to complete these, special abilities may be unlocked to help turn the tide in their favour.

If this is all floating your proverbial boat, INSIDIA is currently in open beta and this means you can go and see what all the fuss is about for yourself. If you want to get involved (and I may well be joining you) you’ll find a quick little link here. If you want to wait for the full release you won’t actually have that long to do it. INSIDIA will be hitting Steam in all its glory late this month.