Things get psychological with Past Cure


As a rule I don’t like survival horror games, or actually horror much of anything for that matter. It’s not that I don’t like the premise. I really love a good ghost story when it’s written well and H.P. Lovecraft is one of my all time heroes. The thing is, this is a different kind of horror. Real horror is something that keeps you up at night because you’re given a very basic premise full of big shady bits that let your brain fill in the gaps. What I can’t stand is jump scares. I want to switch off my console or put down my book and then go and quietly wee myself thinking about it two hours later. I don’t want to feel like I can’t play the game without throwing the controller through the TV screen because I don’t know what’s going to startle me next. As the title I’m about to tell you about seems to be more creepy and less jumpy, let’s come to Past Cure, a rather interesting dark, psychological thriller that has just seen the release of its new story trailer.

So what is it, then? Well, as I’ve just mentioned we’re entering the world of the dark and the creepy in Phantom8 studio’s story-driven supernatural thriller. This is a cinematic experience which challenges players to use mind-bending mental abilities to survive; not to mention a mastery of gunplay, melee ability and stealth.

As the story goes … Ian, a former elite soldier, reappears after years of being missing, somehow changed. The soldier’s brother shelters him in a secluded safe house in a bid to help him come to terms with his memory loss and the effects of the experiments he was forced to endure during his absence. In an attempt to tap into the hidden powers of the mind, Ian’s captors left him scarred by unrelenting nightmares, visions and unstable powers such as time manipulation and telekinesis.

You take on the role of Ian and set out with him on his quest for the truth. Thirsting for revenge, you will embark on a hunt for the masterminds behind this conspiracy. Plunged into a criminal underworld, searching for leads, you will have to use your newly found powers to survive. Each use of these powers will leave you further detached from reality and reveal the presence of a much darker power at work.

This is a game that will leave you wondering exactly what is real. Ian will shift between real world action packed combat and a nightmarish dreamscape in which he will have to use his puzzle solving skills and survival instincts to win out. Past CureĀ also gives you a degree of freedom in how you play. If you don’t want to go toe to toe with the bad guys with a mixture of bullet and fist, you are invited to take the stealthy approach, where evasion tactics and slick take downs allow you to outwit and outmatch the enemy from the shadows.

If you like a bit of mystery, a playable demo of Past Cure will be getting released on Steam next week. In the mean time, I’ll leave you with a teaser trailer for the game, which will see release on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on the 23rd of this month.