SEGA announces Make War Not Love 5 – The Unusual Suspects


Powerhouse game developer and publisher SEGA blessed their fans today with the announcement of Make War Not Love 5 – The Unusual Suspects!  This annual community event is back with discounts on cool SEGA titles and free stuff galore!




Make War Not Love is back with MWNL5 – The Unusual Suspects and will run from 6pm GMT/7pm CET/10am PST, February 12 until 6pm GMT/7pm CET/10am PST, February 18.

To get involved, you just need to head over to the MWNL5 website at and you will receive a free copy of legendary ninja title Shinobi and the tough as nails Streets of Rage 2 on Steam!  Why?  Because SEGA loves you, babaaayy, and doesn’t need to rely on over-sized boxes of chocolates and wrote, over-priced greetings cards to show it.

Taking part in the action this year are the Unusual Suspects: Creative Assembly with Total War: WARHAMMER II, Amplitude Studios with Endless Space 2 and Relic Entertainment with Company of Heroes 2 and Dawn of War 3.  That’s not all!  All participating titles will be available to purchase on Steam at a discount throughout MWNL5.

This year’s event will see all the communities working together to earn daily prizes. If enough cumulative hours of all the participating games are played, then a prize bundle will unlock a selection of free content including discounts, free DLC or maybe both, along with at least one free full-game every day.  All the details regarding the prize mechanic can be found at  Remember, you will need to be signed up in order to be eligible for all those cool prizes.

But wait, there’s more!!!  MWNL5 will be streaming live community content every day starting on February 13 with SEGA’s studio teams and guest streamers.  SEGA will be giving away exclusive content from each studio, to everyone who has signed up!  All the details regarding scheduling and how to get involved are listed on the SEGA/MWNL5 Twitch channel.