Code: Realize limited editions announced


The visual novel is a great thing to come out of gaming. This quintessentially Eastern art has come a long way over the years. Fans of this format may well be interested to know that Aksys Games have just announced that their otome (story-based adventure) is going to be getting two special North American editions. Code: Realize is heading for the PS Vita and PS4, and will be landing on those consoles March 30th.

The Vita version of the game will include the Code: RealizeFuture Blessings- game, a full colour cloth banner featuring all of the gentlemen you will meet during the story, nine exclusive character pins, eight collectable bromide character cards and a custom sleeve so you can unite Future Blessings with Code Realize: Guardian of Rebirth, which is sold separately. The PS4 version of the game grants you the banner, pins and cards but Code Realize -Bouquet of Rainbows– will also give you both of the aforementioned games on one disc. So no need to buy a further game to complete the set.

Fans of all things Steampunk should quite like this one, as 19th century Victorian London is very much where this story unfolds. You take the role of Code: Realize‘s protagonist Cardia. Isolated and alone in a mansion on the outskirts of steampunk London, you are an outcast who is shunned as a monster. Cardia is cursed. Her blood is highly poisonous and a single touch from her can be instantly lethal. Through a number of events, some more significant than others, Cardia will be pursued by the Royal Guard, kidnapped by gentleman thief Arsene Lupin and joined by a host of other handsome figures taken from the best of Western Literature. With these new found friends (and suitors), Cardia will set out to unravel the mysteries surrounding the definition of her very existence.

Code: Realize fans have been waiting patiently and we’re excited to finally present them with a beautiful package of premium items that celebrate the gorgeous artwork and setting of the story,” said Akibo Shieh, founded and CEO of Aksys Games. “With more titles coming up this summer, it’s a perfect time to fall in love with the visual novel again.”

More titles are indeed in the pipeline. Aksys have also announced their plans to release three other otome titles over the next few months. These are namely: 7’scarlet, Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly, and Psychedelica of the Ashen Hawk. Each story is said to be brimming with mystery, suspense and of course as is somewhat typical for this genre, a wee bit of romance.

This is really good news for two reasons. This will all obviously appeal to fans of the visual novel as an art form and many will be very happy to add four new titles to their library. Those of you that may not be as into this form of storytelling or may be new to it but love a good collectible might also want to be adding these special editions to your hoard. The additional items packaged with these games look really nice in their own right before you even chuck a disk into your console. Either way, you only need to wait till the end of next month to be able to grab a copy (or copies) for yourself and keep an eye out in the coming months for those other titles we’ve mentioned here. Of course, if we happen to come across any individual news in that time, your TVGB friends as always have your back, and we will of course let you know.