What game do you play with your significant other? QotM Feb 2018


Valentine’s Day has come and passed. For some this is a great time to go out and show that special someone how much they mean to you….or you can do something that both of you will enjoy and play videogames! Unfortunately, I have no answer to this myself, but to the other TVGB writers…

Be sure to let us know your answer!

What game do you like to play with your significant other?

The only criteria for this is that you and them both have to enjoy the experience. It does not necessarily need to be multiplayer games either, as two people can enjoy the same single player game.

Derek Danielewski, Author

Me and my wife play Guitar Hero together because it’s about the only game she can play, and it brings out a little competitive spirit in us both. She has a decent win rate, and it keeps her interest in gaming alive :)

Allee McIntyre, Author

I’m gonna go with Overcooked for a few simple reasons..

My girlfriend is NOT a gamer whatsoever, but she knows I really enjoy them and she tries to be involved even though she claims to have no skill. Overcooked’s controls are great because they are easy enough to pick up quickly, but also allow for lots of little tricks that you have to learn as you play through each level. It’s like playing Cooking Mama on eight cans of Redbull. It’s not all about communication and reaction skills, however. The maps are so inconsistent and filled with tricks you have to brainstorm new ideas to complete it with a good score. While the timer does bring stress upon both of us attempting to make burgers, pizza, and everything in between, it all comes together in a similar way: chop ingredients, cook ingredients, put cooked ingredients on a plate, and serve before it spoils. While it seems simple enough, it is very rarely that straightforward with all the twists and turns. The mechanics are simple, but the challenges are complex which is why this game is perfect for both inexperienced and experienced gamers alike!

Ryan Wagoner, Author

When I first started dating my girlfriend in high school, Xbox Live Arcade provided a great platform for the first big indie hits, which is how I found out about Castle Crashers. That game is the perfect mix of cartoonish style, couch co-op and old school beat ‘em up goodness. It’s also where I found out my girlfriend really enjoys games where the goal is to crush your enemies with overwhelming power and tons of button mashing. Who knew?

Monique Sheldrake, Senior Author

While the temptation was there to say old classic favourites like Crash Team Racing or Crash Bash, or to tap into some new ultra-fun 2P competitive gaming like the multiplayer mode in Pyre, I definitely think our favourite game to play together is Tekken. While Tag Tournament 2 was our mainstay for a long time, Tekken 7 is here and has firmly taken over. My boyfriend is an avid Lili player and I have jumped around over time between Kunimitsu, Dragonov, Alisa and many others. I’m now a big fan of using Lucky Chloe in Tekken 7, but one thing still remains: I get absolutely crushed under Lili’s pointy rich girl boots more often than not.

Something else I’ve learned through almost 11 years of relationship and somewhat less years of playing Tekken together: you can be the reigning champion in Tekken battles until such time as your boyfriend actually learns how to play properly, and then your button-mashing ass is going down. While I might not win as often as I used to, it’s still fantastic fun and a great way to inflict violence on each other after a long day.

Mike Husted, Author

Me and my fiance love playing Call of Duty together.

Garrett Mefford, Author

The last game I played with a significant other would be Unravel. It may be a single player game, but we were fine passing the controller back and forth alternating levels and on different yarn badge hunts. We were both captured by Unravel‘s chill vibes and charming protagonist, Yarny. I even made myself a Yarny figure and a matching Yarny in her favorite color.

Alyssa Vaughn, Author

So there aren’t a lot of games that my husband and I play together for extended periods of time because he’s a completionist and on a first run I’m very story-driven and don’t have time for that. But we both LOVE going back and playing Pokemon together. It’s a game that allows us to split and play independently most of the time, but we can still battle each other whenever we want, and talk every aspect of Pokeworld building to death. When we were first dating in college, we both still had our childhood Gameboys and playing together was something we did a lot… even if it was sparked by him spotting my copy of Pokemon Sapphire and “beating the Elite Four for me.” What began as an intense rivalry has mellowed to a friendly competition and a great way to spend time together.

Alex Southgate, Author

Every casual company seems to have a hidden object game up their sleeve now. I have to admit I’ve played an awful lot of these because many of the ones that don’t give you silly energy bars or make you wait six hours to complete a level are actually very good. They have well written stories and the puzzle elements are well thought out and actually feel like they belong in the game. With this being said, before there was Candy Crush there was Jewel Quest (which is a brilliant series of games that the missus and I also played together) but before every mobile port ever there was Mystery Case Files. I’d already played through about the first two before my other half and I met but we started playing them together and actually got a bit hooked. The stories started to connect in a really clever way in the later games. They weren’t necessarily sequels but had connecting elements that made sense. Any of this series is worth a go as an addictive little time killer but I think Mystery Case Files: Ravenhurst and Mystery Case FilesReturn to Ravenhurst are my favourites of the bunch. And possibly hers, too.