Book 2 of Golem Gates single player campaign goes live


Well this is interesting … and actually something that’s dropped in just at the right time. I’ve just spotted a bit of news regarding Golem Gates, a brilliant little RTS that isn’t quite ready for release yet. Why is this interesting? Well I’m actually almost ready to invite you to read a preview of this particular title and now I can beef it up a bit with some more info on it’s story campaign.

I don’t want to tell to you too much about Golem Gates just yet because I’ll be doing it in depth in the near future. What I will tell you is that this title from indie developer Laser Guided Games and Hollow Earth is a really interesting mix of the RTS and CCG genres with some absolutely gorgeous graphics thrown in.

Golem Gates is set in a dark fantasy world in which you play a Harbinger. You are sent forth by a powerful being called The Archive to erase the darkness that has befallen your world. To do this you command the power of Glyphs. This is where the card battling element of the game comes in. You take a deck of Glyphs into battle with you and these represent the units you are able to summon and spells that you can wield. Your units appear as fully controllable warriors and you will use these to destroy enemy Golem Gates, minions and other structures.

One thing I’m noticing is that the single player campaign is absolutely brilliant. The problem with a lot of these games that have a serious multi-player aspect is that they focus too much on these elements and the single player campaign feels like little more than an extended warm-up or tutorial. With Golem Gates this campaign is truelly enjoyable and to see that book 2 is now available for play through is a really exciting thing.

The second book which is now available as a free update through Steam continues the Harbinger‘s quest for redemption, introduces new characters and settings and, of course, expands the amount of available single and multi-player content.

This chapter of the story will see The Harbinger journey deeper into his forsaken world in search of an artifact that could stop the corrupting force known as the Unbound. Summoning nanites from the atmosphere around you, known as The Ash, you will again face the mighty Golem Gates as well as a new foe called Tetra.

Since we launched on Steam, fans have asked for more story content, so we’re exited to once again oblige,” said Josh Nizzi, head of Hollow Earth Inc. “In Book II, The Harbinger is faced with numerous obstacles, one being a new enemy called Tetra. Players will have to prepare their best Glyphs before they confront this unique threat!

Golem Gates launches in March, but we’re closing out February with a bang by releasing the biggest update to date,” said Matt Oelfke, Founder and Lead Developer at Laser Guided Games. “Not only will players dive deeper into the mysterious and captivating story of Golem Gates, but fans of competitive multiplayer and score-based challenges are in for a treat as well.

In addition to the continuation of the story that I’ve mentioned this new update will also bring with it ten new single-player trials of remixed missions and maps with unique challenges. These will include a frantic race to destroy enemy artillery stations and the capture of an indestructible golem. A new Versus map will also go live featuring balconies and pathways perfect for flanking tactics. Lastly you’ll see a co-op desert Survival map challenging players to multitask numerous defensive positions. Aside from this you’ll also be able to get your hands on three new Glyphs. These include the new Duelist unit summon and two new Tech Glyphs.

As I’ve mentioned we’ll be looking at all of the aspects of the game that are playable thus far very soon but I have to say that what I’m seeing is very impressive indeed. Golem Gates launches out of Early Access on March 28th. I’ll be more than happy to tantalise you with what we’re seeing until then. Keep your eyes peeled for that preview for more details in the next week or so.