For Honor dedicated servers for PS4, Xbox One roll out today


Since its release, For Honor has been plagued by issues with its multiplayer functionality. Desync issues, lag exploitation, you name it. For a long time people have been asking for substantial changes to the way online hosting works in the game, and last month Ubisoft responded. Their success with dedicated servers for PC (generally the guinea pig for possibly costly decisions) opened the door to the same upgrades being made to the console versions of the game.

Today, March 6th, Ubisoft is rolling out dedicated servers for Playstation 4 and Xbox One and hoping you forget about the last year and what a mess it was.

No matter what, this game will always look badass

Ubisoft Montreal claims three major steps forward that come with this change in matchmaking: an elimination of de/resync issues and host migrations; increase in match completion rates; consoles will benefit from tweaks made to the PC servers right away.

There is something at issue here that Ubisoft is attempting to twist to their own benefit. These issues have been present from launch, and yet it has taken an entire year for them to finally get around to fixing it. There seems to be a trend in Ubisoft games of caring little about game health and instead rolling out more and more content. The same happened to Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege, which went a year and a half without any of the necessary online functionality overhauls that were necessary.

If you want a whipping boy, these guys are as good as it gets

Despite these issues, and despite outcry from the player base, Ubisoft still seems to maintain that they are doing something great by improving game health well after the fact. It is my honest belief that if these games weren’t spectacular experiences otherwise, people would be fleeing in droves. Not to say that they aren’t already; the Steam Charts for For Honor tell a depressing story until the server fixes were released on PC.

While this is not similar to the Battlefront II case where the publisher was maliciously trying to rob the gullible, it is a good example of developers and publishers being held accountable. For Honor was, in some regard, failing. Ubisoft took steps to fix the issue, and now is claiming to be the savior. Ultimately what you think is up to you, but it is something to consider.

For Honor is currently available for purchase on PS4, Xbox One, and on PC through Steam and Uplay.