Another Sight premiers at GDC 2018


There’s something rather lovely about Steampunk. For those of you that don’t know what this is, the best way to describe it would be take a Victorian setting and add modern contraptions. There’s often lots of things like airships and trains and there’s very much a focus on cogs and gears. The melding of the old and the new can provide some really lovely style choices and very interesting storylines. Steampunk is something that comes into play in Another Sight, a surreal fantasy that is debuting at GDC 2018. This title will be coming to your Xbox One, PS4, PC, and Switch later this year so it makes sense to give you a little bit of info about the game.

As I’ve mentioned Another Sight is a surreal fantasy with Steampunk elements set in 1899, in London, toward the end of the Victorian era.  The game focuses on two protagonists. First we have Kit, a refreshingly bold teenager who loses her sight when part of the under-construction London Underground tunnel she is exploring falls on her. We then have her friend Hodge, a mysterious, red furred cat she meets in the darkness. Kit will come to rely on her feline companion as the two explore their fantasy world both together and apart. They will also have to rely on their own unique skills if they are to surpass the trials and puzzles that await them.

You are invited to explore a version of London based on Neil Gaiman’s urban fantasy, Neverwhere. In their adventures Kit and Hodge will encounter a hidden society of the world’s greatest inventors and artistic minds such as Claude Monet, Jules Verne and other long-past cultural icons.  Something that makes this even more interesting is that you’ll be viewing this world through two very different sets of eyes. Not only do the two characters perceive the world in different ways but are able to split off from each other and explore locations that one or the other may not be able to reach.

Marco Ponte, CEO of Lunar Great Wall Studios said: “The world we’ve created for players to explore in Another Sight is so rich and engaging, filled with heart and discovery.” He continued, “We’re delighted to be showcasing Another Sight at GDC this year, and soon, we’ll be showcasing to the public. Another Sight represents our sentiments as a studio, that games should be emotive, with a unique and compelling experience born of cultural influences that provide different levels of meaning into the worlds we create.

I’ve just perked up. Neverwhere is one of those little known series’ that came out about fifteen years ago and showed on television here in the UK (and presumably a lot of other places), it was brilliant, in a really odd, slightly unsettling sort of way. To see a video game come out based on this particular world is really intriguing and I’m actually rather looking forward to seeing this title appear in the mainstream.

As I’ve mentioned Another Sight will be viewable for those lucky souls able to go to GDC 2018. If you happen to be one of the rest of us I’m afraid we’ll have a little bit to wait if we want to see this title in all it’s glory. We’re bound to see more about this game in the coming months and you can guarantee that you’ll be hearing about it as we get the details, we’re nice like that. In the mean time have an ogle over the reveal trailer, that’s always good to get the juices pumping.