7Levels to host Castle of Heart AMA on Reddit


It’s always nice when devs want to talk with the rest of us about their game. From a journalistic point of view, we’re very lucky in that we get the inside scoop on a lot of things that most of us would hear about later. It’s even better, though, when the devs come out to the big wide world and are willing to answer pretty much anything thrown at them by the general public. This shows not only openness and honesty but also that they are sure enough about the product they’re releasing to talk plainly about it. One such dev crew willing to take on all comers is 7Levels who are about to host an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit for their upcoming title Castle of Heart.

Castle of Heart is a Switch exclusive platformer scheduled for release March 23rd. In this classically themed game you will take on the role of a cursed knight who has been turned to stone by an evil sorcerer’s spell. As this beleaguered hero you must travel from your petrified village to the castle of a dark ruler, mastering each level and surmounting all odds as you go.

Your quest will take you through twenty action packed levels set across four distinctive environments. These levels will be packed with a variety of monsters which will require different strategies to defeat. To help you along your way you’ll be armed with a wide assortment of powerful weapons, from flaming grenades to a powerful magical arsenal, not to mention a variety of power-ups.

The AMA I mentioned earlier will be hosted by the lead developer for Castle of Heart, Maciej Paluszek. Joining Maciej will be lead artist Ryszard Lembas. Both of these developers have been in the industry for five years and have worked together on titles such as Vikings Gone Wild and Heroes of Paragon. They will be talking about the development process and offering some insights into what goes on behind the scenes at the studio.

If you’d like to join the discussion on Reddit, you’re more than welcome to. The AMA will be taking place on March 19th at 1pm EST, 6pm GMT and 7pm CET, respectively. If, like me, you like to get a bit more of an intimate feel for a game then this may well be an excellent way to do it. Get your questions ready for the team and get yourselves over there … and of course the game, if you’re interested you may well be wanting to get that, too.