My Memory of Us announced – A story of two kids in Warsaw WWII


Publisher IMGN.PRO and developer Juggler Games have announced that My Memory of Us, an emotional puzzle-based, side-scrolling game, will launch on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in Q3 2018. My Memory of Us is a story about real people in real events from history. It is a powerful story about a young boy and girl from two different worlds who grow up in the face of horror.


My Memory of Us is a SxSW Gamer’s Voice Award nominee, based on WWII and the Nazi occupation of Europe – specifically occupied Warsaw. In The City, a place inspired by pre-WWII Warsaw, a young boy and girl meet and become friends, free to play and enjoy life. When war breaks out, the Evil King takes the city and his robot soldiers separate citizens, marking some for being different and forcing them to leave in a sealed off place. The young boy and girl’s friendship is the bond that may allow them to stay together, though fate wants to tear them apart.  The tale is told through 2.5D puzzles, beautiful sketch-like graphics, and bittersweet humour. It also contains pair mechanics where you can take control of two separate characters with different skills and abilities, or control them as a pair.

My Memory of Us is due to launch in Q3 2018 on all platforms.