Battlezone to host modding competition with AMD and Chillblast


Have you ever wanted to use your modding powers for good? Perhaps you’re enthralled by the idea of competing with fellow modders to win an AMD Ryzen 5 CPU and limited edition Chillblast PC case? Well, look no further. As of right now, AMD and Chillblast are working with classic FPS/RTS Battlezone: Combat Commander to allow the game’s significant modding scene unlimited access to 1.6GB of 3D Battlezone assets; their purpose is to incite the creative passions of a 20-year-old community, and to eventually give away some free stuff to one lucky winner.

The assets include remastered models and textures from Battlezone: Combat Commander – the game itself being a remaster of older sibling Battlezone 2 – and will be available at no extra cost until April 22nd, when the competition ends. Battlezone has proudly fostered a modding community since the first game was released in 1998; the new release includes further mod and Steam Workshop support.

The remastered Battlezone 2: Combat Commander was launched on March 1st of this year, receiving strong reviews by those old enough to remember the original Battlezone 2 back in 1999 (and by those who aren’t). Between a fresh coat of paint and a RTS combat system that aged remarkably well, the remastered game has certainly become a bigger hit than publisher Rebellion’s recent attempt at bringing a version of the game to VR on PlayStation.

If you fancy yourself a professional in the art of modding, you can waltz on over to the Battlezone: Combat Commander website here for more information on the competition. The winner will receive a powerful AMD Ryzen™ 5 1600 CPU, as well as a Rebellion Anthology, Combat Commander PC Case (from Chillblast), and a Combat Commander T-Shirt. Places 2nd-5th will receive the CPU and the T-Shirt; the top 10 runners-up will each be sent just the T-Shirt. Make sense? You gotta win, folks.

Battlezone: Combat Commander is available now on Steam and, priced at GBP £14.99. The 1.6GB of 3D assets are available right now for aspiring modders – the Modding Competition runs from March 22nd to April 22nd, so get those submissions in now on the B:CC Steam Workshop page.