Wild Guns Reloaded comes to Switch


Those of you that love a good western shootout will need to get ready to draw. I’ve just come across some news of a new Switch release and it’s all about bringing out the cowboy (or girl) in you. Giving you the chance to have that all important old school saloon brawl, Wild Guns Reloaded is appearing on your Switch screens.


Wild Guns Reloaded is a Wild West/steampunk mashup and I have to say it all sounds rather interesting. It was released for Switch both digitally and at retail earlier this week at $29.99. This title is a fast paced gallery style shooter and will see you playing in the roles of Clint, Annie or one of two other newly added characters. Of course if you want to you can play all four of them in Wild Gun’s multiplayer mode.



The story sees Annie track down the famed bounty hunter Clint as she seeks to take revenge on the Kid Gang. This story will unfold over eight action packed stages, each comprising of three levels. You’ll need to be able to dodge, dive and roll with the best of them as there will be plenty of evil robots looking to end your life in a hail of bullets. This title has a true arcade feel and it’s first iteration with it’s sci-fi/western theming was the first game of its kind to arrive on home console. Purportedly, there still isn’t anything quite like it to this day.



The Switch version of the game offers a couple of new modes to the player. These include Beginner Mode in which new players can face all of the action in the game with unlimited lives. At the other end of the difficulty spectrum comes Boss Rush: Time Attack. This mode which has been crafted for veteran players and will see more experienced gun wielders take on all of the game’s bosses one after another in one killer gauntlet. This is all about seeing how far you can go and how long you can survive.



It’s always nice when things cross genres, when it’s done properly of course. It’s always equally nice to see an older title get an new lease of life. If you’re looking to end some robots and bandits arcade shooter style you’ve got a very promising way to do it. All you need is to get to your respective stores and pick yourselves up a copy and get blasting.