Get some air for free in Midair


Get your free-to-play game on with Archetype from Midair Studios. Wait, no, Midair from Archetype Studios. That’s it.

Do you spend your weekends skiing on the mountain with nothing in your hands but two stupid poles? Wish you could be holding a machine-gun instead? Midair could be just the game for you.

Built upon the foundations of fast-paced shooters like Tribes, Midair aims to bring gamers something different than the standard [insert popular shooter here] formula. During your stay at Midair Ski Resort you can experience gliding across the ground, pack-jetting through the air and fragging flag carriers.

Two years after its successful Kickstarter campaign, Midair has officially launched as a free-to-play title today, May 3rd, 2018. Being free-to-play gives gamers an open invitation to try out the game, but if you want to support the developers you can purchase the Manaborn Game Pass which unlocks all in game content, now and forever.

Midair can be found on Steam on PC.