Starship Corporation hits Steam


Sims seem to be the order of the day at the moment. I can completely understand the appeal of being a tycoon and making a ton of virtual money so this makes a lot of sense. One rather interesting looking Sim to leave Steam Early Access recently has been Starship Corporation. This brand new tycoon game has launched not only on Steam but also in major retailers at $19.99. With this being said, it’s time to boldly go with me into this article while I tell you all about the game.

Starship Corporation is a sci-fi, space tycoon game which has been developed at Coronado Games and published by Iceberg Interactive. What makes this title stand out as interesting is that in most games of this sort it’s about trading with colonies, with the building of ships simply being a necessary means to an end. In Starship Corporation you will find yourself putting the ship building at the forefront of everything you do. You should; it’s the core of the game.

So this title will see you designing, assembling and testing interstellar starships. The ultimate goal of all of this preparation is, of course, to sell them, and using your engineering skills and business acumen, eventually become the biggest galactic mega-corporation out there. There is a lot of creativity apparent here. You aren’t just selling ships, you’re selling your ships, and you’ll need to run them through a variety of different emergency and combat simulations to make sure they make the grade.

Starship Corporation isn’t just about having a building brain but also a business brain. You will find yourself having to cope with the daily challenges that any business owner needs to overcome. This will see you analyzing the market to increase market share, engaging in strategic partnerships and investing in new technology. Going beyond the research and the data management, you’ll also need to have a good control of your supply and manufacturing departments if you’re going to succeed.

The full release of this game has seen the addition of a campaign mode featuring 99 different contracts and two different endings based on the player’s business relationships. A database has also been added along with two new rooms for your corporation. In addition to this, Russian language support has been implemented as well as improved saving and loading times and of course the usual plethora of little bug fixes that give a game its finished polish and shine.

To give you a little bit of a breakdown of some of the things you’ll encounter while playing … Starship Corporation features the campaign I’ve just mentioned along with a sandbox mode which allows you access to all known human settlements in the galaxy. You will also come across a total of 177 unlockable rooms and facilities for ship design, 22 unlockable fuselages and 24 simulated missions in which you can test your ships.

The development process of Starship Corporation was a long journey that the team at Coronado games has embraced all along, to deliver what we feel is a unique spaceship business simulation and management game. We are very proud to see how the game has evolved and are very thankful for the players who have been logging in countless hours during the early access to master the intricacy of the gameplay and provide precious feedback“, said David Murent, lead developer at Coronado Games.

So there you have it. This sounds like one of those games that is apt to eat large quantities of your time. The level of customisation which appears to be present here is really nice to see and the fact that it’s not just a building sim but fully fledged tycoon game makes it even more interesting. If building and selling giant space transportation is your thing, or if you just want to make lots of virtual money, or both, Starship Corporation is there for the taking.

I’m going to leave you with a trailer showing all of the new features that the full game provides and let it give you a better idea of what you’re letting yourselves in for. It’s always nice to have something to watch at the end of one of my articles, right? Off you go then, get stuck in.