Trailblazers out now on console and PC


The wonderfully-named Supergonk studios have announced that their “retro-futuristic co-op racer” Trailblazers is out now on PS4 and PC. The arcade racing game will be released tomorrow – May 9th – on Xbox One, and will be priced across the board at USD$29.95. Before I start explaining what the heck a Trailblazer is, why don’t you check out a trailer?

Trailblazers is a team-based racing game that draws as much on science fiction as it does on 1950s hot rod culture for aesthetic inspiration. In teams of three, the aim is quite obviously to cross the finish line before your opposition; what makes things a little more interesting is that you’ll be blazing a trail of team-specific coloured skid marks as you drive. The path you paint will serve as a boost pad for your team mates, so you’ll need to think tactics while you drive if you want to demolish your opponents.

The game boasts a roster of quirky drivers, each with their own set of stats and driving styles, as well as a wide but unspecified number of gorgeous circuits to tear up. Trailblazers will feature a campaign that will throw out a ton of unique chapters and challenges; the real fun, though, will clearly lie in its online/local multiplayer game-mode (one that also features cross-platform play).

Of course, there are also masses of whacky vehicles to choose from, many of which defy both traditional aerodynamic form and efficient mechanical function. But boy, do they look fun.

With artwork from BAFTA award-winner Will Milton, and a soundtrack filled to the brim with Future Funk tracks from the likes of Skope and Derevolutions, Trailblazers is actually starting to hold my attention. Particularly given that the fabulously-titled Supergonk is based in sunny Guildford, UK. And guess what? It’s out now, on console and PC.

If you want to find out more, check out the Trailblazers website here.