Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate hits Nintendo Switch!


Sporting a shiny new logo, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate has been announced for the Nintendo Switch.  Owners of Nintendo’s hugely popular console/handheld will get a taste of hunting monsters firsthand when the game launches on August 28, 2018 for digital and physical retail purchase across North America and Europe.  The follow-up to Monster Hunter Generations, this edition to the franchise marks the series debut exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.  For the first time, gamers have the flexibility to play both local wireless and online multiplayer with up to three other hunters – whether playing at home on the big screen or on the go in handheld or tabletop mode.

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

Taking a nostalgic look back at the series’ beginnings and evolution’s, players will have the opportunity to hunt the series’ largest roster of unique monsters ever.  You take on the challenge of facing off against challenging larger-than-life beasts as you embark on an adrenaline-fueled adventure.  Completing quests will yield valuable resources for crafting countless distinct weapons and equipment fashioned after players’ defeated foes. Along your journey, you must defend each of the game’s four villages from major threats known as the Fated Four, plus an even more dangerous new Elder Dragon.

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate features a blend of classic gameplay and unique new twists, brand new areas to explore, new monsters, plus returning fan-favorites like the lightning fast Zinogre and the stealthy long-tailed Nargacuga.  In addition, this new release introduces a new quest level called “G” rank that features even more formidable versions of familiar foes, truly testing experienced hunters’ battle tactics now with different moves and abilities never seen in the wild.

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

If you have never played a Monster Hunters game from Capcom and are thinking about picking up this new addition, don’t fret because the game will feature a little something to level the hunting grounds.  The game features tons of powerful new super moves called Hunter Arts that can be executed with a quick tap on the touch screen.  You can experiment to your heart’s content while choosing from six different Hunting Styles including two new ones called Brave Style, which rewards players with new moves for landing successive attacks; and Alchemy Style, a support style that grants the ability to create useful items on the fly during combat.

As a bonus for being a loyal Monster Hunter fan and playing the original Monster Hunter Generation, Capcom has included a feature in the game that will allow for the transfer of save data from the previous title to the new title in order to continue your journey in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate.