Doughlings breaks out onto Steam


I think it can be said fairly safely that quite often the simplest ideas are the best. I remember when games generally weren’t all about awesome graphics, intricate mechanics or expansive plots. A lot of the reason for this is the consoles of yesterday, especially those of the 8 bit era and it’s predecessors couldn’t do anywhere near what we can now. Quite obviously every game pre-1992 didn’t suck balls and the reason for this is that instead of going for bells and whistles devs went for one simple thing. This was pure addictive re-playability. You could have been playing with a cluster of coloured blobs, (and frankly quite often you were,) but it didn’t matter because the game was fun. One concept that fits what I’m getting at here is any breakout related game. You have a paddle, a ball or two and some blocks. That’s it and you know what? That’s all that was needed for a really addictive experience. One of my favourite games back then was Arkanoid, and although it came a tad later in the 16 bit era it was just brilliant for it’s replayability. With this in mind a new game has erupted onto Steam called Doughlings: Arcade and assuming they haven’t mucked about with the concept too much it could well be a lot of fun.

Doughlings Arcade comes to us from Hero Concept and is said to make a few interesting changes to the brick buster concept while still sticking to the formula that many of us know and love. You take on the role of Dr. Morpheus and will go out in an attempt to save your Doughling friends who have been poisoned. There seems to be a slight case of multiple personalities going on here as in your quest to heal as many of the Doughling population as possible you will morph between seven different personas.

Each of the personas you can become has it’s own unique “show off” ability. These are power-ups designed not only to add some fun but also their own level of tactics to Doughlings: Arcade and can be leveled up a total of five times each. You are going to need them as well as you’ll to be facing a total of 90 levels of manic gameplay. Those of your that like to track your scores will be pleased to learn that each of these levels has it’s own leaderboard allowing you plenty of chance to hit top spot.

Something else that’s interesting about this game is that you’re being given a level editor. If nearly 100 levels of brick breaking fun isn’t enough for you, you can go and make a few of your own to test not only your skill but that of other players. If, of course, you aren’t really feeling that up to building something new for yourself you can also seach and play levels created by other gamers to give yourself a fresh challenge.

If you fancy going a bit retro fun, Doughlings: Arcade actually sounds quite good. Brick busters are known for getting really tricky, not only because these are games of skill and accuracy but that they can get immensely fast. Coming back to that notion of simple, addictive fun, this sounds like a title that could well hold up to that ideal and scratch your puzzling itch while you’re at it. If you want to go and have a look you’ll find this title available for download on Steam now.