Help Quinn survive and keep his sanity in STAY, available now on Xbox One


If you’ve been holding out for indie-adventure game STAY to make its console debut, now’s the time to pick it up! Available now on Xbox One, players can pick up this pixel-art thriller at a 20% discount world-wide until June 6th.

From developer Appnormals Team and publisher PQube, STAY has been receiving rave reviews since its PC launch on May 16th, the consensus seemingly that this game is uniquely engaging in a way that pits morals against logic. You play as a stranger on one end of a chat room, whose words and decisions can mean the difference between life and death for Quinn, a young man who has been kidnapped and is locked away alone. As his only connection to the outside world, everything you say has immeasurable impact as you guide him through the harrowing circumstances he finds himself in, attempting to help him escape remotely.

STAY boasts over 24 chapters and multiple endings, all hinging on the choices you make and the conversations you have with Quinn. With seemingly tons of replay value, the story is told through bits and pieces uncovered through your chats, and through the relationship and trust you forge. Quinn is in emotional turmoil, trauma egging on his every nerve, so to ensure his escape players must be careful not to push him away, lest you lose out on the story or worse, his life.

The coolest feature by far, the one that had me purchasing STAY myself immediately after reading about it, is that this game plays out in real-time. Whenever you step away from the game or go silent, you are leaving Quinn by himself, at the hands of whatever monstrosity has him locked up, which can severely impact your game. This ticking clock time crunch ups the stakes, helping to further invest players in the perilous position both Quinn and the player are in.

For those Xbox One players with a love for thrillers and quirky survival games, to whom STAY sounds right in your wheelhouse, be sure to take advantage of their 20% off deal from now until June 6th. And if you don’t have an Xbox One, but would still like to to get your hands on STAY, it’s available on Steam as well for $11.99USD/13.49CAD.