Rise of Insanity – Scare yourself silly on Xbox One


If you’re a fan of Silent Hill, you’ll love Rise of Insanity. It’s a first-person horror experience that leans heavily on the genre’s most gut-wrenching offerings; drawing from The Shining and The Exorcist, you’ll be diving head-first down a rabbit hole of mental disturbance. Red Limb Studios are the team behind the scares, and they are proud to announce that their game is now available on the Xbox One. Here’s a suitably chilling trailer for you to enjoy:

According to Krzysztof Sopata of (Red Limb Studio fame), Rise of Insanity looks to “represent mental illness in some original ways.” The player will step into the shoes of Dr Stephen Dowell, a psychologist whose latest patient is exhibiting some worryingly contradictory symptoms. The doctor’s murky personal life will become clearer the further you slip into the dark corridors of the asylum, as will the relevance of the psychological anomaly in the chair. Oh, and judging by the screenshots, it seems as though we’re visiting 1970s America.

Puzzle solving will play a central role, as will keeping your wits about you; the game is VR ready, and as such will make you jump on a frustratingly regular basis. Rise of Insanity‘s trailer shows off some hellish dreamscapes and grounded dialogue, subtly hinting at professional voice-work and (mostly) decent graphics. Since I’m a massive pansy, however, it is unlikely that I’ll ever be able to experience these technical milestones first-hand.

With a very positive rating on Steam, Rise of Insanity looks as though it offers a simple, visceral horror experience. As a result, I’ll be steering well clear; if horror is your cup of tea, however, Rise of Insanity is out now (without VR support) on Xbox One. If you’re the kind of lunatic who enjoys being terrified in virtual reality, the game has been out on Steam for a few months now: it costs GBP £7.19, and the store page is right here. There are plans for a Switch release in Q3 2018, and a PS4 one at some point after that.