The Lion’s Song is set to roar onto the Switch


I love a good point and click adventure. Some of the funniest, most enthralling and well written games I’ve ever played have come out of this genre. With this being said I thought I’d pop by and let you know that a new entry to this particular gaming fold is set to appear on the Nintendo Switch next week.  The game is called The Lion’s Song and it’s readying itself to release July 10th.

Developers Mipumi Games have announced that The Lion’s Song will be available on your Switch console next week via the Nintendo Switch e-shop. The game will be retailing at £9.99 ($9.99 and also 9.99 Euro) for those of you needing to check your wallets. Surprisingly this isn’t a title about zoo creatures. The Lion’s Song is set in 20th century Austria and comprises of a series of four self-contained point and click adventures.

The game features a cast of fictional artists and scientists, each with their own set of outstanding skills. Each chapter of the story follows in the footsteps of one of these exceptional individuals and players are tasked with helping them overcome their intimate struggles with creativity, human connections and inspiration. The choices you make (and by proxy they make) along the way will have a direct impact on the storylines of all future and past episodes. As you go you will, therefore, connect the individual stories presented to you in The Lion’s Song into one overarching narrative.

The Lion’s Song has already been played and loved by Steam, iOS and Android users having released on those platforms last year. It’s already won several awards too, including the Best Indie Game award at the German Developer Awards. Now Switch fans will be able to share in the experience and hopefully enjoy the game just as much as others clearly did on its initial release. If you’re a point and click fan or just really love story-driven games then this may well be a smart choice when it comes out on the 10th.