The Walking Dead Season 1 makes its way to the Switch


Telltale’s The Walking Dead just took its first step in the final chapter of a groundbreaking choose-your-own-adventure series inspired by the comics of the same name. Series faithful have followed the trials and tribulations of young Clementine for the past 6 years as she came of age in a world filled to the brim with flesh-eating monsters. Now you can relive those innocent early days, or experience them for the first time, mobile or on your TV on the Nintendo Switch.

Walking Dead 1

On August 28th Telltale will be porting the multiple game of the year award-winning first season of The Walking Dead to the handheld console for just $24.99. This release of the game will carry over the vast technical improvements that were seen in the 2017 release of The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series Collection. This Switch edition will include all 5 episodes of the first season as well as the DLC episode 400 Days. Telltale has also stated that The Walking Dead: Season Two and The Walking Dead: A New Frontier will both be coming to the Switch before the end of the year.

The debut season of Telltale’s zombie epic still stands as the most emotionally gripping, heart-wrenching entry in the series. Season one has you stepping into the shoes of protagonist Lee Everett as he sits in a police cruiser for reasons unknown. As Lee is heading to jail the zombie outbreak hits the fan and in turn, gives him the chance at a new start in life. Following his escape from the first zombie he ever encounters, Lee meets a young girl named Clementine and naturally forms an adoptive father/daughter relationship with her. From then on you need to make difficult choices in order to ensure Lee and Clementine’s safety in a world of chaos.

The choices made in the first season of The Walking Dead will transfer over to season two and beyond. So if this is your first time delving into the series, the Switch is the way to go. Telltale is offering a steady stream of season ports over the next 4 months that will ultimately culminate with all of the seasons being available in time for the final episode of the final season. For more information on The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season, or any other game in the series, check out the official website here.