Samurai Shodown carves out a new entry on the PS4


SNK has always been in the forefront of the fighting game scene with hit series like King of Fighters and Fatal Fury providing competitors with slick hand to hand combat; the company born to fight has kept that tradition going with the well-received King of Fighters XIV. While fistfights are all well and good, SNK is now breathing life into their iconic weapon based Samurai Shodown series, A.K.A. Samurai Spirits in Japan.

This marks the first time in 10 years that the Samurai Shodown series has seen an entry with the last game being Samurai Shodown Sen on the Xbox 360. Where does a series go after laying dormant for so long? In the teaser trailer, we see that the new game will take place in 1787, placing the game towards the beginning of the series chronology. This is an excellent way to incorporate the original cast and storylines that made the game a hit in the Neo Geo days.

The fresh 2019 version of Samurai Shodown features a striking cell-shaded style of 3D, reminiscent of the recent Street Fighter titles. This is a significant departure from Samurai Shodown Sen which features a more photorealistic 3D style. It’s easy to see that the new style gives the series more personality, something that has been sorely missing from the series after the jump from 2D sprites to bland 3D models.

Samurai Shodown Clash

Intense sword clashing is imminent

This teaser is sure to wet the appetites of fight fans, but unfortunately, the info given is sparse. We know the game will feature series regulars like Haohmaru and Galford, is slated for a 2019 release on the PS4, is built in Unreal Engine 4, and that more info is coming soon. You can stay glued to the official website here if your sword fighting urges are tingling.