TVGB ViveStream faces downtime with Apocalypse Rider


The site may have been down last Thursday, but the ViveStream rolls on! This episode was on our YouTube channel on Thursday, but I wanted to make sure to post it here too. This time around, we enter the dark and gritty world of Apocalypse Rider. To be honest, though, the only apocalyptic thing here is how abrupt the crashes are. And expect to see quite a few crashes; it took me a little while to adjust to the game’s control style.

Speaking of adjustments, I’m still working on improving the recording quality for the ViveStream. As I mention fairly often on the show, my computer can barely handle the Vive, let alone recording at the same time. But smooth recordings are possible, and I promise I’ll get things to flow as well as my computer allows for the next episode. For now, check out Apocalypse Rider and let us know what games you want to see in the comments.