PREVIEW / Rapture Rejects (PC)


“Battle Royale” games are taking over the video game industry. From PUBG’s popularity last year to the worldwide sensation that is Fortnite, battle royale-centric titles are undoubtedly the talks of the town. Rapture Rejects is another game to give battle royale a shot. Announced at E3 this year, it is currently in Alpha; developed by Explosm (makers of Cyanide and Happiness) and Galvanic Games, it is also being published by tinyBuild games, who I have recently noticed are often associated with fun little indie games.



Rapture Rejects takes place following the rapture. All of the good people have gone to heaven leaving only the scum of the earth behind. So how do we make our way to heaven? We kill every other person, so they have no one else to bring to the holy gates. It is a simple idea, and I like it for explaining why we are trying to kill everyone (even with its ridiculousness).

Often we see battle royale games as a third or first-person shooter that relies on what resources you can find to survive and your gun skills to eliminate the competition. In Rapture Rejects, you play from a top-down perspective and are randomly spawned on a map where a ring of fire slowly creeps in until the victor gets called into heaven. I like the way the map is set up, but I am not a fan of the random spawning. Being placed a few steps further away from a gun than another person could mean you have a distinct disadvantage without any input on your side. Hopefully, as the game gets further developed, we see a situation where we can pick our spawns.



I am a fan of Cyanide and Happiness comics. I enjoy scrolling through my social media feeds and coming across random comics that usually have that inappropriate humor and wacky characters that regularly get at least a chuckle out of me. Then I click on a link to go to the website, and I end up down a rabbit hole of looking at comics for an hour straight and then watch the animated shorts for an extra two hours.

While I did not notice any nods to the comics so far (give us a purple shirted eye stabber outfit already!) I enjoyed the character customization. There were plenty of choices for a game so early in its life, and I loved the animations the character gave to certain changes you make to them. For example, whether you choose a male or female body, you can have breasts or a dong. When you give either to your character, they show a confident smirk, and when you take it away, they show a genuine fear. It got a good laugh out of me.



As stated earlier, the game is currently in its Alpha stage, so not many people are playing on it yet, but supposedly it is supposed to have the normal 100 person battles. When I played, the most people I saw in a lobby at a time was about 6-8. That being said, the Alpha is only available during weekends, and when I hopped on it was near the end of the weekend time, so my bad timing might have played into the small server sizes. With my matches having so few people, the fire creeps in very fast and leaves for some quick games. I would hope with matches nearing 100 people that they take longer.

Weapon gameplay did not impress me with my time playing the game. The controls are all pretty normal for shooter games, but I was hoping for more variety with weapons. There were a couple of interesting choices, but I hope we get more comedic inspired weapons that make for some hilarious kills. Maybe I am thinking too much of a game like Saints Row that allowed me to kill people with a dildo bat, but that’s the kind of thing I want from a Cyanide and Happiness game.



So far, Rapture Rejects is another run of the mill early access battle royale game. Give it some time, and it could have a lot of fun, interesting ways to make it stand out from the competition. As of now, it is just getting its bearings. In my time playing it, I never had any server issues, just had problems finding people so I would spend a long time in the pre-game lobby. I am not a huge fan of battle royale so far, but because I enjoy the Cyanide and Happiness content, I will probably pop in now and then to see new updates for it if I have nothing else going on at the time.




This preview is based on an early access copy of the game provided by the publisher.