Discord opens their very own marketplace

Since 2015, Discord has grown to take up loving homes in many PC users’ hard drives. Due to the lightweight processing power required for the app to run in the background, Discord possibly is the best way to party chat on the PC platform, and its large user base shows. Now Discord is going a route that may seem strange at first glance but makes a whole lot of sense with how they are planning to implement it. Discord is opening a digital game store.

Discord is seeking to make their online storefront more than a derivative of juggernauts such as Steam. This new storefront is highly curated title selections, exclusive rights to First on Discord games for 90 days after launch, a Universal Library that can launch every game through Discord instead of separate launchers, and a Discord Nitro subscription that works similar to Xbox Game Pass.

Discord launcher
The universal launcher doing its thing

Obviously, this is highly ambitious, which is why the storefront is making it clear that this is very much a beta. There are a lot of mistakes to iron out and difficulties ahead. However, this marketplace is looking more and more exciting the more I learn about it.

The store is launched right from the Discord app. Each game title has a preview video, a description from the developers, Metacritic score, review quotes, and an updated list of latest news about the game.

Discord game screen

The list of the very first First on Discord games is looking promising; even including a game I personally backed on Kickstarter a long time ago called Last Year: The Nightmare, an asymmetrical 5v1 survival horror game in the vein of Dead By Daylight. The First on Discord games also include a cutesy pixel art multiplayer game called King of the Hat, a tactical roguelite game titled Bad North, and many more shared in this hype video for the service:

The Discord Nitro service is currently offering 60 games to download and play for $9.99 a month. This is similar to the Xbox Game Pass or PS Now services; albeit at a much smaller scale. There’s no doubt about it that Discord Nitro is growing and will net more and more titles as the service pushes forward and out of beta stages. You can read more about the update here.