Tom Sparks and the Quakes of Ruin on Kickstarter

South African indie developer Tasty Poison Games, developer of Pocket RPG, is looking to kickstart a dungeon-crawling action-adventure crafting-centric shoot ‘em up with RPG elements. Whoof. Think Torchlight meets Ratchet and Clank with …

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dragon fin
Dragon Fin Soup when alcoholism meets fairytale

Of all the ingredients you can put in soup I would have never thought dragon would be one of them but Grimm Bros studios have proved me wrong. The studio has successfully raised …

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REVIEW / Betrayer (PC)

  The idea of being thrown into 17th century America in an empty, greyscale world, left to solve the myself of “where did everyone go,” sounds great. Walking through the forest as the …

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REVIEW / Mechanic Escape (PC)

  Be prepared to die…a lot.  In Slak Games’ newest PC romp, Mechanic Escape, your patience and your platforming skills will be tested to their highest levels.  Mechanic Escape is a platforming game …

Read review hosts Battle of the Games promotion has launched its Battle of the Games promo, wherein players can vote for which games they want to be discounted. Steam users should be familiar with this method, as it’s not too …

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The Elder Scrolls Online
The Elder Scrolls Online marketplace has been established via third-party

Something us Elder Scrolls Online players have begun realizing is that there is no official in-game trade or auction-house. While still a relatively new game, many players are hitting those points where they …

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First in-game screenshots of Subnautica released

Unknown Worlds have finally unveiled some screenshots of an early build of Subnautica, their sandbox underwater exploration and construction game. In a recent blog post, the developers stated that all screenshots were taken from …

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World of Darkness Logo
CCP puts an end to World of Darkness development

According to an article by Eurogamer, CCP has decided to cease development of their sandbox vampire-themed MMO World of Darkness. The game was originally announced in 2010, and has had a pretty shaky …

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Star Citizen
Star Citizen flight gameplay footage leaked

A YouTuber by the name of kigamitya has uploaded a video taken from PAX East which showcases some gameplay from the upcoming dogfighting module for Chris Roberts’ Star Citizen. This is the first …

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Ch 4 of Hegemony Rome: The Rise of Caesar

Kalypso has released a major update for Hegemony Rome: The Rise of Caesar. In addition to rebalancing siege mechanics and fixing up various bugs, the new update brings in the Chapter 4 conflict …

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Secret Ponchos coming to Early Access this Summer

Secret Ponchos, the first title from indie developer Switchblade Monkeys, will be making its way to Steam’s Early Access program sometime this summer, in addition to its PS4 release later this year. The …

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dragonage3 morrigan
BioWare says “no” to Dragon Age: Inquisition character DLC

BioWare creative director Mike Laidlaw told OXM that there will be no DLC characters for the anticipated Dragon Age: Inquisition. There are to be 9 characters that will be included on the disc. …

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guild of dungeoneering
One man indie Guild of Dungeoneering looks to reverse engineer the rogue

  Gambrinous is a one-man indie game studio run by Colm Larkin, who is indeed, that one man. Based out of Dublin, the studio just released its first trailer for their upcoming title …

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Secrets of Raetikon
Secrets of Raetikon comes to PC

For those of you who like simpler games with amazing art direction, here’s a game for you. The third game from developer Broken Rules, Secrets of Rætikon is a breathtaking 2D exploration title. …

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Sony causes hysteria with H1Z1

Sony Online Entertainment executive John Smedley had the attention of many this week when he announced the reveal of a new game via Twitter on April 8. After a day of anticipation SOE …

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