id Software reveals DOOM at QuakeCon 2014

  id Software unleashed the first ever gameplay footage of their upcoming DOOM just yesterday at QuakeCon 2014. This was something that they had planned on doing after they dropped the DOOM teaser …

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It has junk in the trunk
Nyko Technologies announces DualShock 4 Power Pak rechargeable battery, available now

Want more life out of your PS4 controller? Nyoko has got you covered: the company announced the Power Pak, a snap-on rechargeable battery for the DualShock 4 that doubles the battery life. Take …

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Oddworld New ‘n’ Tasty reveals pre-order bonuses

Anyone who grew up with a Playstation One will surely remember Abe from the Oddworld series with fondness. What other game allowed you to make tactical use of your farts whilst maintaining legitimately …

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Don't Starve Logo
Don’t Starve: Reign of Giants arrives on July 22nd for PS4

It has been revealed by Destructoid that the “Reign of Giants” DLC pack for Don’t Starve will be available for the PlayStation 4 edition of the game on July 22nd. The add-on pack, which introduces …

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homefront revolution
Homefront’s future uncertain as director leaves Crytek

The ever-troubled Homefront franchise appears as if it has been unable to lift the curse that seemingly rests upon it. According to Kotaku’s sources, Homefront: The Revolution‘s game director, Hasit Zala, has resigned from Crytek UK, leaving …

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Enjoy 30 Mins of Dragon Age: Inquisition

This week Bioware has released two videos for Dragon Age: Inquisition showcasing its full E3 demo. The two videos add up to about 30 minutes of actual gameplay footage and certainly whet the …

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Shadow of Mordor gets San Diego Comic-Con panel and awesome BTS trailer!

October is getting closer and that means we’re closer to Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor! I must admit that I gave up on a decent LotR or The Hobbit game a long time ago, …

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REVIEW / Valiant Hearts: The Great War (PS4)

  Valiant Hearts is  the newest digital only title from Ubisoft Montpellier, the developers behind the Rayman franchise and Beyond Good and Evil. Inspired by letters written during World War 1, Valiant Hearts …

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Sony may have just screwed you: TLoU pre-order price just dropped.

  Update! You can relax TLoU fans! Later on in the evening of the 21st, Adam Boyes stepped up and did the honorable thing. Twitter account “Ask PlayStation” jumped in on the hashtags …

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The Order: 1886 and style over substance

Ever since gamers first got a glimpse of The Order: 1886 last year, it has been one of the most eagerly anticipated titles, and perhaps gave many consumers cause for choosing the PlayStation …

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PS Now Logo
Prices for PlayStation Now streaming surfaces

PlayStation Now has been in beta for about five months now, and those lucky enough to be in the beta have been able to enjoy select PS1, PS2, and PS3 game titles on …

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REVIEW / Murdered: Soul Suspect (PS4)

  For a Salem police detective with a less than stellar past whose life is brought to a shocking and violent end, Ronan O’Connor will learn that his grand adventure is just beginning …

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Another World Logo
PS4 enters Another World next week

It has been announced that Another World, the classic atmospheric platformer by Eric Chahi, will be available for the PlayStation 4 on June 25th. This newer version of the game will come with …

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Let it Die: teaser trailer, screenshots, and death system explained! Sort of.

The E3 trailer from GungHo Online Entertainment and CEO of Grasshopper Manufacture Inc., Goichi Suda (yes, SUDA51), leaves more questions than explanations. Fans of what was supposed to be Lily Bergamo are absolutely …

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Payday 2: Crimewave Edition makes its way to the PS4 and Xbox One

Overkill Entertainment has announced that the bank-heist sim Payday 2 will soon be available for the PS4 and Xbox One. No further details have been revealed, beyond the fact that this new Crimewave …

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