PREVIEW / Carmageddon: Reincarnation (PC)

  Carmageddon is something that raised hairs on the back of parent’s necks back in the 1990s. Despite being a cult classic for its content, alongside Mortal Kombat and various other blood and …

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REVIEW / Betrayer (PC)

  The idea of being thrown into 17th century America in an empty, greyscale world, left to solve the myself of “where did everyone go,” sounds great. Walking through the forest as the …

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REVIEW / Conception II (Vita)

  The act of childbirth is often held as a wondrous event across the world. Within Conception II: Child of the Seven Stars, it’s a completely different story as you conceive countless children …

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REVIEW / Mechanic Escape (PC)

  Be prepared to die…a lot.  In Slak Games’ newest PC romp, Mechanic Escape, your patience and your platforming skills will be tested to their highest levels.  Mechanic Escape is a platforming game …

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FTL Fanart
REVIEW / FTL: Faster Than Light (iOS)

  Set your phasers to stun! FTL: Faster Than Light (FTL), the roguelike, space-exploring, strategy game by Subset Games is now available on iOS. FTL came out to major personal computers (PCs) last …

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Chaos Code release in United Kingdom,France,Germany-n2g
REVIEW / Chaos Code (PS3)

As I booted up Chaos Code for the first time, I was excited. The game comes from the same company which provided Guilty Gear and BlazBlue, two of my favorite fighting game series. …

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  Most MOBA titles follow the same formula – whether you’re  guiding a team of heroes, monsters or soldiers, you’re still watching the battle from a top-down perspective, controlling your mortal minions from …

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TEAM REVIEW / Goat Simulator (PC)

  Every gaming generation has a few great titles that define the systems du jour, a few choice selections of software so grounded in the time they were created, and the system they …

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REVIEW / BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma (PS3)

Fighting game fans can finally rejoice as the third standalone title in the BlazBlue series of fighting games has finally come to store shelves in BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma.  Arc System Works and Aksys …

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REVIEW / Bioshock Infinite Burial at Sea DLC – Episodes 1 & 2 (PC)

This past week, I took the opportunity to play through both episodes of Bioshock Infinite’s Burial at Sea DLC.  I figured episode 1 would end off at a cliffhanger, and didn’t want to have …

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REVIEW / Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! 2 (iOS)

I believe it was a famous Admiral that once told the Alliance Fleet at the Battle of Endor that it, indeed, was a trap. While Admiral Ackbar has no affiliation inkle’s Sorcery! 2, …

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REVIEW / The Witch and the Hundred Knight (PS3)

The Witch and the Hundred Knight is the first true action RPG Published by NIS America.  Although the subject matter is a little more twisted and crass than the usual type of RPG …

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REVIEW / Constant C (Xbox 360)

Constant C is a 2-D puzzle platformer that is basically one part Limbo (graphical style-wise) and Super Meat Boy (super crazy difficulty plus saws that are in a space station for some reason). …

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Cloudbuilt Screenshot
REVIEW / Cloudbuilt (PC)

Precision platforming just received a new challenger. It’s obvious from the beginning of Cloudbuilt that every wall, every platform has a use in one way or another. Each level possesses many influences from …

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REVIEW / Runner 2 (PC)

Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien is the sequel to BIT.TRIPS’ original game that took gamers by storm. In this outing, we find our hero, Commander Video, and his team chasing the …

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