Arthur Damian | Executive Editor
Arthur Damian is a full-time Admissions Coordinator for Lehman College, working in the Office of Transfer Evaluations. At 29 years old, Arthur has a BA in English, and loves to read and write. Videogames have been an important part of his life since he was 5, from the Nintendo Entertainment System all the way up to the Xbox 360. An avid reader of gaming blogs, Arthur likes to keep up to date on all the happenings of the gaming world, and has his own blog on Destructoid's community forums. His favorite system is the Super Nintendo, and his favorite games are Chrono Trigger, Earthbound, Silent Hill 2, Resident Evil 4, Super Metroid, and Rocket Knight Adventures, among many others. When he isn't working or reading up on games, Arthur enjoys drumming along in Rock Band 3, the game that keeps on giving and has the honor of being one of the few games of which he has never gotten tired. Arthur has a vast knowledge of games, movies, and music, and he was always looking for ways to use it in real life applications. Arthur currently resides in Brooklyn, New York.

Kristen Spencer | Editor
Kristen Spencer currently toils the days away as the Media Director for a local non-profit, serving as graphic designer, media planner, copywriter, webmaster and the go-to girl for any tech related issues, which means she spends at least 10 minutes of any given day turning things off and on again. But the written word is her true passion. Not the sweaty kind of passion. She has 10+ years of experience reporting for various newspapers, magazines and websites, including The Florida Times Union, Folio Weekly, The St. John’s Record, Ponte Vedra Lifestyle Magazine, CountGameula and ThatVideoGameBlog.

And yeah, okay, maybe it's a little sweaty.

When she's not working hard for the money, so hard for it honey, she's restoring her vintage Honda motorcycle, building her street photography portfolio, and playing story-centric video games. Kristen was raised on the Sega Genesis, but had a thing for Mario on the side, which psychologists believe to be the root of her current console fidelity issues. Thankfully, her PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Nintendo Wii are perfectly content in this polyamorous relationship. Meanwhile, the Ouya watches through the window, its tears mixed with the rain.

She and her twin sister, Lauren, both graduated from Florida State University with matching BA’s in English Literature, to compliment their matching DNA .

Cody Shults | Editor
Cody is a PhD student living and studying in Chicago. When he isn’t doing research, he is most likely found in his man cave logging more hours in Skyrim on his PC. Gaming started very early for Cody, specifically at the tender age of 3, when his parents brought home the Nintendo Entertainment System. This is also when he met his first loves, Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda. Although he has gone through many consoles, he always commits himself to the next Mario or Zelda iterations, and will always fondly remember his first three dimensional experiences on the Nintendo 64 with Super Mario 64 and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Cody has a broad range of games he enjoys, but always finds himself coming back to the RPG. From the Elder Scrolls series to Final Fantasy, he enjoys spending hours immersed in a great story and grinding XP to hit the next level.

Cody is also a musician, and when he isn’t gaming, he is writing music. He plays guitar and synthesizers for his lovely wife and their cat, and also does some home recording of it. He is also a novice home brewer, and is most likely working on a new craft beer in his fermentation tank.

Cody received his B.Sc. from the University of South Florida in 2009, and is currently working on his PhD at Loyola University Chicago.

Andrew Burrage | Editor
Andrew Burrage is a Florida native now living in Chicago, IL. Whether it involves pen and paper, boards, or PCs and consoles, Andrew likes to geek out with all kinds of games. As with many kids growing up in the 80s, his first dealings with video games started with an NES and a funny little Italian plumber. He has been hooked ever since and tries to get his hands on the latest and greatest whenever he can. Andrew prefers role-playing and strategy, and is a huge fan of puzzle and platform games. Any game with an engrossing narrative is sure to pique his interest; Bioshock Infinite and Mass Effect currently top his favorites.

Aside from gaming, Andrew loves to watch movies and has recently taken up building computers for fun. He enjoys reading science fiction and fantasy novels, and is an avid Game of Thrones fan (both the books and television show). Andrew has a B.Sc. in Chemistry from the University of Florida and is now trying to earn his PhD in virology. Andrew can be reached at @aburrage on Twitter.

Derek Bartnett | Senior Author
For 20 consecutive years, since his parents put a Nintendo Entertainment System in his hands (because who else could hook it up to the box?), Derek Bartnett has been in training for a career in gaming. His geek obsession with staying on top of the latest news and gaming trends can only be topped by his extensive knowledge in all things technology, movies and television. Derek is what you would call a classic early adopter. He requires all of the latest gadgets and gaming hardware, as soon as they become available, or he might just pass away.

Derek had an appreciation for video games as a child, but did not became a hardcore gamer until his thirteenth birthday when he was gifted with Golden Eye for Nintendo 64. Derek turned what is a 12 hour single player campaign into 350 hours over countless nights playing multiplayer with friends. Derek requires as many games as possible, across all platforms, in all formats. He's an advocate of all genres, but action adventure games have a special place in his heart, such as Dark Souls and God of War.

Derek is a graduate of Hofstra University class 2009 with a bachelors degree in Political Science. Derek currently resides in New York City, and is always in search for friends to game online with. PSN: Dseed, Xbox Live: Dseed86

Nick Christophi | Senior Author
Hailing from the tiny island of Bahrain, Nick’s passion for playing video-games started at a very young age. Like many living in the third world, his first gaming experience involved a knock off gaming console; in his case, a knock off Nintendo gaming system called “The Family Game”. Although the console included almost every single game a kid could want to play at a young age, he eventually moved on to playing PC games like Half-Life and System Shock 2 on his family’s work computer.

He has since owned all of the Playstation consoles, and miraculously managed to not break, overheat, or hurt the feelings of the one flimsy Xbox 360 console he has owned since 2007.

Although Nick enjoys playing games of all sorts, he particularly enjoys playing games that are incredibly immersive. Games such as S.T.A.L.K.E.R Shadow of Chernobyl, Far Cry 2, and games in the Mass Effect, Half-Life and Battlefield series, have all made him realize just how immersive and enjoyable video-games can be.

Nick currently resides in Ottawa, Ontario. He is also a talented musician who plays the bass guitar, and produces his own music in his makeshift home studio during his abundant spare time.

Albert Eres | Author
Albert Eres first exposed himself to the wonders of video games through the archaic block called the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). After countless hours of trying to save the princess in Super Mario Bros. and shooting relentless ducks in Duck Hunt, his world has not been the same. He graduated from the NES to the PlayStation and experienced the world of Final Fantasy (specifically the seventh installment), a franchise that he is still obsessed with to this day. He also dabbled with the handheld console called the Game Boy, where Pokémon Blue Version took a chunk of his childhood. Unfortunately, he never owned the other version and is majorly aware of only the original 150 monsters.

So far, Albert has owned the NES, most versions of the Game Boy, Wii, and all three generations of the PlayStation. He is mainly interested in adventure, fighting, and role-playing games. For a period of time, he only played flash games. His Steam account is full of Humble Bundle games that he still has not found the time to play. However, he is addicted to mobile games that make a player run, fly, or swim continually; allow a player to pick a class and go kill countless enemies; and test a player’s mettle with puzzles with ridiculous solutions.

Albert rarely tweets on Twitter (@hexcursed), but when he does, it may or may not be important. His Steam account is most likely deactivated due to inactivity. His friendless PSN username is hexcursed.

Alex Pineda | Author
Alex Pineda currently resides in Los Angeles, CA where he partakes in all kinds of nerdery. Alex, has been playing video games since he first got his tiny paws on a Nintendo Entertainment System at a very young age. Ever since then he has been completely enamored with video games and everything else about them. Over the many years of gaming, Alex has developed a broad taste in his obsession from the multi-million dollar blockbuster to the indie developed game in someone's basement and everything else in between. Even though he enjoys all genres there is ONE franchise that holds a special place in his heart, that being Metal Gear Solid. From the always ground breaking visuals, enjoyable story (yet sometimes a bit convoluted), killer clandestine-esque music and great gameplay mechanics, Alex just can't get enough of this legendary franchise.

Aside from gaming, Alex also has a profound love for sports. If Alex is married to video games then his mistress is sports, or is it the other way around? I am not quite sure if he even knows, but either way his love runs deep for both. Of all sports, football and specifically the NFL, is his favorite. Alex, also enjoys keeping up with the latest tech news and sometimes even writing about it or sports. He is also known to write the occasional fictional short and sometimes even dabbles with acting in short films. Currently, he is trying to master the mystical arts of cooking.

You can follow him on Twitter @Xsus

Noe Ponce | Author
Noe “Inohe” Ponce grew up in a magical time known as the 1990s, when the age of videogames was in full bloom. The original Game Boy had just come out in ’89, the Super Nintendo was released in ’91, and Pokémon in ’96. It was great time to be alive. Some of Noe’s most cherished gaming memories include summers spent at his cousin’s house playing hours of Streets of Rage and Sonic the Hedgehog, having his mom beat the first boss level in Super Mario World for him and playing as Diddy Kong in Donkey Kong Country with his dad.

Growing up with a controller in hand helped develop Noe’s overly active imagination. He would often fantasize about having super powers, magical weapons and awesome fighting skills, staging epic fight scenes in his head. As he got older, Noe developed a strong love of fiction and fantasy, which only further ignited his passion for gaming. It was through this adoration that Noe discovered his two favorite types of games, RPGs and Adventures. His top games being Final Fantasy VIII (don’t hate) and Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask.

Today, Noe now spends most his free time playing Guild Wars 2 and League of Legends, where he’s the self-proclaimed “Best Leona NA.” When Noe is not playing, talking or thinking about gaming-- just kidding, he is always thinking about gaming-- he is attending class, writing or spending time with his family, including his adorable baby daughter Juniper, whose first words will be PlayStation.

Robert Price | Author
Born in the autumn of 1992 and raised in Texas, but later settling down in Oklahoma, Robert started his life of gaming by picking up the original Nintendo Entertainment System when he was only 3 years old and spent much time playing Super Mario Bros 3. From there on he spent most of his time enjoying video games and putting them in a special place in his heart. He played just about any game he could get his hands on. Over time he would get a great collection of titles but then trade it for something newer. In due time, he learned to hold onto what he enjoys and not give it up for just anything. He has spent years collecting games and memorabilia to add to his collection which consists of stuffed characters, posters, stands, soundtracks, older systems, art books, strategy guides, and of course video games.

Robert, after years of experiencing the video gaming world, has developed a fond love for adventure, survival horror, strategy, and fighting games. Games with story, depth, sacrifice, and a "practice makes perfect" mentality tend to keep him sucked in for the longest periods of time. Game series such as Fallout, Silent Hill, Legacy of Kain, Civilization, Persona, Far Cry, and the Elder Scrolls have always stuck out to him the most. He also has an odd love for an older series of games called Monster Rancher which he would spend hours just searching through discs to get the perfect monster to raise and train.

When Robert isn't working or spending time with his fiancee, he can be found scouring the web for interesting information, logging in hours on whatever game has caught his interest most recently, listening to music, or playing Magic: the Gathering with is friends. With an admiration for all forms of games, be them competitive or cooperative, Robert is up for anything.

Suzy | Author
Suzy is a twenty-something year old Politics graduate from London, U.K. She is currently studying to become a pilot, and although she spends many hours studying plane engines, she always manages to find time to test and discover the latest engines in the game industry. Her three favourite things are chess, gaming, and her fiancé, all of which have given her many satisfying hours of 'play'. Sometimes even simultaneously!

She grew up as a gamer and spent most of her childhood searching for various forms of fungi, and running into large gold rings. Now however, she is the Fallout series biggest fan, and when she’s not eating corpses and injecting herself with large doses of jet, she’s reporting for duty at the citadel or trying to find a niche whore house where she can pay for illicit robot sex.

Suzy has also, along with many, many other things, imparted her vast catalogue of wasteland survival knowledge on the minds of young South Korean kids, a country where she lived and worked as a teacher for a time.

Max Majernik | Author
A Pittsburgh Yinzer, Max splits his time between writing about videogames/comics and playing Starcraft 2....poorly. Max has owned, traded in, and re bought almost every system that has come out in the past 20 years (currently on his 4th dreamcast!) and has no plans of stopping anytime soon.

You can find him on Xboxlive (xXCuddleBearXx) using his new Xboxone as a netflix machine or playing a game on low settings through Steam (Stan_Darsh)

David Logan | Author
David is a native of Denver, CO who grew up at a time when the video game craze was just getting a foothold in the consciousness of young kids and teenagers all over America. His earliest exposure to video games was in the early arcades that sprung up in the late seventies and he has been in love with them ever since. He can remember going over to friends’ houses and playing games on the Odyssey, Intellivision, ColecoVision and the Atari 2600. It wouldn’t be until 1985 when his mother would get him his own console: the original Nintendo with Super Mario Bros. and Mike Tyson’s Punch Out. He was even one of the first kids in his school to receive the early issues of Nintendo Power Magazine and used the tips and tricks he found within to "up his gamer cred."
David has owned almost every gaming console since the original NES in one form or another except for maybe two or three and continues to collect consoles and game software to this day. At current he has and original NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, Sega Dreamcast, Xbox, two Xbox 360s, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, DSi Lite, DSi XL, two 3DS XLs, two PSPs, and a Playstation Vita as well as a plethora of video game software to go along with each console. The next console he plans to purchase in the Xbox One.
When he is not playing video games (he likes all kinds), David is doing homework or spending time with his family. He also enjoys cuddling up with a nice, thick Stephen King novel. He is a freelance web and graphic design artist and loves to scour the Internet to see what his contemporaries are up to regarding new design styles and new design technologies. In addition, he spends several hours a day hitting his favorite video game web sites to see what is new and exciting with his favorite hobby.
His Gamertag and PSN ID is: BigDave300. Send him a friend invite!
David received his Bachelor of Science in Web Design & Multimedia in 2010 from Westwood College. He is currently working on his Masters of Fine Art in Web Design & New Media from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA.

Robert Gordon | Author
Robert Gordon is a mid-level sorcerer living in Brooklyn, NY slowly shifting from Chaotic Good to Chaotic Neutral. When not venturing into the stygian depths in search of unspeakable treasures he enjoys nuking the everloving bejezus out of people as Haile Selaisse in Civ V. His interests expand (like his mighty and warlike empire) to include RPGs, adventure games, arthouse indie titles and that ever-elusive more.

In his writing he seeks to approach the medium with the respect it deserves- as the highest-grossing entertainment industry of the era and an intersection of technology and artistic expression. His approach relies on historical and gameplay analysis of a title (or titles) and the emergent narrative structures which result. He also enjoys it when bad guys go "blergh" when they die.

Robert received his BA from New York University in Political Philosophy and currently writes plays and essays from the hovel that New York realtors deem "a room."

Michael Phillips | Author
Michael Phillips is a broadcast journalism major who spends his days working at a Los Angeles radio station and teaching for a nonprofit education company. He is an avid gamer who has been in love with video games since he first played Sonic the Hedgehog 2 on Sega Genesis.
Michael has recently defected from the Xbox and is now the happy owner of a PS4. Michael is a sucker for an open world RPG and when given a choice is often the scourge of the land versus the virtuous hero. Michael has recently become obsessed with indie games and is fascinated with the visions they are able to bring to life. Some of Michael’s all time favorite games include Elder Scrolls Skyrim, Don’t Starve, The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time, Awesomenauts, any game involving Kirby, the Hitman series, Sonic Adventure, God of War, Kingdom hearts and many more.
You can find Michael on PSN (Miguel_Demetri) playing Call of Duty, Awesomenauts or Mercenary Kings.

Kenneth Cummings | Author
Ken was born in 1994, and before the nineties had ended, he was already a gamer for life, starting with Pokémon Blue Version. He has a passion for storytelling, especially in the gaming medium. Growing up on a healthy diet of healthy of JRPGs and point-and-click adventure games, young Kenny grew up playing Nintendo and Sony consoles, before becoming a snobby member of the PC master race.

Nowadays, his time is divided between writing about the games he loves, complaining about companies that ruin the games that he loves, getting salty in Persona 4 Ultimate, grinding in old RPGs, and begging Square Enix to port Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King.

Matt Thames | Author
Matt Thames is blogger for He has been playing video games since the 80s, when he got his start on the Atari system.
Matt's been gaming on various platforms ever since. He still owns his original Gameboy, as well as a Sega Dreamcast, along with all the newest systems. RPGs are his current fascination, but he still enjoys playing the Mario franchises, as well. He currently resides in NC, and enjoys playing video games with his kids, as well as solo.

Nate Russell | Author
When Nate was young, he inherited a mound of terrible VHS tapes. It was in this mountain of cheese, in this shrine to the earnest attempt, that he developed a love for all things comically awful.

It was then that he decided to master all of the skills his cheesy movie heroes had taught him. From knife throwing to cocktail mixing, stunt driving to explosive archery.

Someday, Nate will hone these skills so that he can finally avenge his home village that was ravaged by ninjas.

Will he avenge his family? Will he find his father's cursed sword? Will he finally make a decent mojito? Find out next time on Nate Ball Z.

Oh, also, he loves writing and video games and stuff.

Vince Borkowski | Author
Vince started his video game journey when his friend loaned him a GameBoy Color to play while he was stuck at home with chicken pox.
From Pokemon Red and Link's Awakening he's progressed to all manner of N64, PS2, GameCube, Xbox, and hand-held games.
An avid fan of the Metroid, Persona, Zelda, Pokemon, and Harvest Moon series, Vince has played everything from world-building games to JRPGs. Vince is a neuroscience graduate student at Loyola University Chicago and also enjoys reading in his non-gaming fun time.

Aaran Fronda | Author
Aaran Fronda, spends most of his days in the City of London where he reports on the bain of all of our lives – money. But while writing about power and politics in the business world is how he pays those bills, his real passion has, and always will be video games.

His dad, now in his 50s, can still be found rocking a Super Mario Bros. tee, so no surprises where his love of all things Nintendo come from. Aaran and his father still share a penchant for a good plat-former, but now can’t wait to kicks several shades of sh1t out of each other on the new Super Smash Bros. It was his dad who bought the old Commodore 64 when he was just a wee pup, and papa Fronda still loves telling the story of how his son taught his twenty-year-old mates how to play it - even though the controller was bigger than his head at the time – and then proceeded to systematically wiped the floor with all of them.

As the toddler turned into a teenager, competitive online gaming came along and blew his tiny little mind. It combined the comradery of real-world sports, with the pace only PC gaming can offer. He would play Counter-Strike (CS) for hours on end and eventually started playing in the CSGN league. Stupidly, he thought he would one day go pro. How wrong he was. His online claim to gaming fame, was that his former clan (Fubar.cs) played against 4K's ladies team. The drudging he and his team received finally put the delusions of grandeur to bed and the dream of being the next SK^Heaton died, but thankfully, his love of games did not.

When his thumbs, which have been worn down to mere nubs from playing Super Meat Boy, are finally given a break, his calloused fingers take their turn, as he strums away at his guitar. He loves to write little ditties down and then gleefully watch, while his girlfriend cringes as he plays ballads back to her. Other than that, like any true Englishman, he loves nothing more than a pint in his local pub, but please keep your hands off his pork scratchings.

Fronda received his BA (Hons) from the University of East Anglia in 2010, and everyday contemplates returning to academia, because it’s probably a lot more fun than this whole job thing.

Kris Anderson | Author
Having spent nearly two decades trying to resurrect Aerith, Kris felt that it was finally time to give back to the video game community. His passion for gaming is only trumped by his love of writing, of which he is an aspiring author with a few novels and several scripts under his belt. When not gaming or writing Kris works at a giant corporate hardware store chain in order to pay bills (although he’s never been a huge fan of paying bills).

Though Kris is a passionate gamer through and through, he feels that corporate profitability pressures on game developers are killing the true creative freedoms once enjoyed by countless titles and series (Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, Silent Hill – what happened to you guys?) But has a firm hope that one day quality gameplay and storytelling will once again trump flashy graphics and mindless processing power.
His favorite games include Final Fantasy 7 (he freely admits being wrapped in the clutches of nostalgia), Silent Hill 2, Shadow of the Colossus, Chrono Trigger, Team Fortress 2, and the old Sierra adventure games like King’s Quest.

Patrick Pontbriand | Author
Patrick Pontbriand is a programmer from Quebec, Canada, with too many geekdom interests. He's passionate about practically every nerd sphere there is: gaming, science, technology, history, fantasy, science-fiction, comic books, movies, and so on. He spends most of his free-time gaming, reading, writing, and trying to remain informed about all those topics. Patrick has been a gamer for as long as he can remember. He always was a Nintendo and PC gamer, ever since playing with his father's NES and Windows 95 computer. His favorite games (or series, rather) are The Elder Scrolls, The Legend of Zelda, Tales of Whatever, Fire Emblem, and Warcraft. More recently, he adds to that list The Witcher, Mass Effect, and Darksiders. Every game with a deep world and compeling story gets his attention, mainly because he enjoys few things more than spending hours over-analyzing, discussing, and debating fictional universes, or the real one(s), and theories about them.
When discussing games, Patrick likes to bring all of his real world interests in them. He enjoys trying to evaluate the historical credibility of a fantasy world, or the scientific realism of science-fictions. Above all, his end goal is always to learn all aspects of everything he's looking at, and discuss that knowledge.

Michael Beckwith | Author
Michael Beckwith is a graduate from Brunel University where he studied Computer Games Design and Creative Writing. He has denied rumours that he chose these subjects so he had an excuse to play video games and watch cartoons all day. His first video game was Sonic the Hedgehog 2, which he played on his dads Sega Genesis, but he didn't become engrossed with video games until the GameCube.

He is a self-admitted Nintendo fanboy; his favourite games including Super Mario Galaxy, Super Smash Bros Brawl, Xenoblade Chronicles and many others. Aside from his gaming, he has a particular love for writing, whether it be fictional stories or his thoughts on films, cartoons, anime and, of course, games.
He currently lives in Orpington, Kent; his dream is to be as suave as Professor Layton or, barring that, make a career out of Games journalism.

Gilad A | Admin
Gilad had been gaming for years (and we do mean years). Being nearly 40 years old Gilad had managed to play nearly anything from the old Atari 80 consoles to the latest gaming consoles.
Gilad is a technology "freak", always online and always reading and writing news. His real passion (also a kind of toy) is RC 3D Helicopters.
His favorite all times game? Well Siera's king quest's series :-)

Dane N | Admin
Dane started off gaming at the tender age of 3 with the first Atari console. His favorite video game genres are turn-based RPGs (can I get a shout out for Tactics Ogre?) and fighting games. Dane has been obsessed with the Street Fighter IV series for the past 4 years, and attends EVO every year. He hopes to one day get into the top-64 there.