11 bit Studios announces upcoming games


11 bit studios has announced a lot of new games that will be coming out in the near future. The company house released its full line up for Gamescom and announced three new upcoming mobile games that will join Anomay Warzone Earth for PlayStation 3 at the 11 bit studios booth.

The games are titled Funky Smugglers, Sleepwalke’s Journey and Anomaly Korea. They are all set to be released on iOS and Android in the upcoming months and this is the first anyone has heard anything about them.

Anomaly Korea is packed with fierce battles, a deeply engaging story, a tactical map for planning your battle approach with new units, and player powers. It even has a more engaging race to build a new battlefield against all of the attacking alien hordes. This is the next generation for Tower Defense games.

In Funky Smugglers, you get to work as a “groovy” airport security officer. You must keep passengers away from any danger by using an X-Ray scanner to strip all kinds of wacky contraband such as plungers, spiders and much more from smugglers. The game has a 70s inspired soundtrack and can be enjoyed solo or with friends in multiplayer matches.

Thrown out of bed by a large lunar sneeze, Moonboy sleepwalks through dreams in Sleepwalker’s Journey. He needs help from you, the player, to reach his bed. You must guide Moonboy safely through multiple traps, clear the path, and change the surroundings to make a safe path. Find multiple pathways through the game and collect stars and crescents to maximize the beauty of Sleepwalker’s Journey fairytale atmosphere. Remember, you are Moonboy’s guardian so make sure to do your best to make him get to his bed safely!