Microsoft questions 16% failure rate findings

threeredlightsfeb16.jpgMicrosoft has responded to the recent report regarding Xbox 360 having a high failure rate. A representative of the company says they have not seen the report themselves but doubt its validity, at the same time repeating that Microsoft does not comment on speculation nor hardware failure rates.

SquareTrade, an independent warranty provider, recently released numbers from an experiment they conducted by researching over 1000 Xbox 360 warranty claims. SquareTrade says the end result shows that Microsoft’s system has a failure rate of 16.4%.

“Microsoft does not comment on hardware failure rates [emphasis by Microsoft], nor do we comment on speculation. We have not seen the report, and are unfamiliar with the agency that filed it. Based on the enthusiast community’s feedback yesterday, the methodology of this report is suspect,” Microsoft spokesman Joe DiMiero told IGN in an e-mail.